What is a telehandler? 

A telehandler is a piece of handling equipment, otherwise known as a lift truck, which has an interchangeable boom mounted. The functionality of this machine lies in the fact that we can replace the attachment and completely change the way and purpose of its operation. Thanks to its versatility, it is used in many sectors and not only in the construction industry. It is mainly used for lifting and moving loads or people. 

telehandler in a mine

Types of telehandlers 

There are two types of telehandlers: 

  • front loaders - having a boom on the right-hand side and a fixed operator's cab, which prevents horizontal movement. The machine features a high lifting capacity of up to more than 20 tonnes, 
  • rotary loaders - features a swivel head, allowing up to 360° rotation of the operator's cab and horizontal movement is possible. The main advantage of this unit is the high lifting height, up to 30 metres. 

Accessories for telehandlers 

There are many types of additional attachments that we can buy for our telehandler. With this tool we can change the functionality of our machine. 

The most popular attachment for telehandlers: 

  • pitchforks, 
  • ploughs, 
  • spoons, 
  • mowers, 
  • grippers, 
  • working platforms. 

Strengths of telehandlers

The advantages of telehandlers include: 

  • multifunctionality, 
  • wide range of interchangeable accessories, 
  • high capacity - they have a lifting capacity of up to 20 tonnes, 
  • versatility. 

Telescopic handlers have a wide range of applications in various fields. Their main advantage is their functionality; we can easily convert the machine into other equipment.  

In what areas are telehandlers used? 

machine during agricultural work

Mainly, these machines were once used in construction, cultivation and farming. However, thanks to the development of technology, they have greatly expanded their range of services and are used in almost every field of work.  


Telehandlers are most commonly used in construction work. They have an incredibly high lifting capacity, which helps when transporting heavy construction materials. The machines do not have the slightest problem working on uneven and crooked terrain, which often happens on construction sites. They will easily speed up construction or roofing work.  


Trolleys are often used for work at airports. Among other things, they are used for towing aircraft and cleaning runways. They also greatly facilitate the work of aircraft mechanics when they need to lift to a certain height.   

Work in the mine 

Telescopic handlers, also find their use in underground mines, as well as in opencast mines. Thanks to its ability to work on uneven terrain, the machine makes it easier to transport mining loads and equipment. 

Questions and answers

What is the rated capacity of a telehandler?

The loader can even lift more than 20 tonnes. 

In what areas is the telehandler used?

The telehandler finds its uses in the construction and aviation industries, among others.