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backhoe loader at rest

The ERGON Personnel Development Centre has prepared a specialised training course for excavator-loaders. After completing the course, you can start working as a construction machinery operator in an industry that is growing rapidly. In Poland and abroad, the demand for people with this type of qualification remains consistently high. With our training, you will gain new competences and your attractiveness on the labour market will increase. We have experienced and committed specialists on our staff who can prepare you effectively for the exam, and our training programme is tailored to current market needs. 

Why is it worth it? 

The Polish construction industry, due to its rapid growth, is constantly looking for more workers. The main problem it faces is the lack of skilled labour. However, there is good news for all those interested in increasing their competence. Once they become qualified to operate a backhoe loader, they will have no difficulty finding a well-paid job. The course has been designed so that participants can handle all the challenges they may encounter during their work.  

Once you have been certified by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, you can operate: 

  • backhoe dozers, 
  • single-head excavators (up to 4 tonnes gross weight), 
  • single loaders (up to a maximum of 8 tonnes gross weight). 
backhoe loader on gravel pit

Training programme

Our classes consist of two parts:

  • theoretical classes, 
  • practical activities. 

After the training, the trainee takes a state examination before an IMBiGS commission. 

Scope of the course

Topics covered include the following: 

  • machine construction, 
  • electrical engineering components, 
  • fundamentals of hydraulics, 
  • technical documentation, 
  • health and safety rules when working as an operator, 
  • construction and operation of internal combustion engines, 
  • operation of the equipment, 
  • work technology, 
  • practical activities. 

Employment prospects

Backhoe loader operators most often work in areas such as: 

  • construction site, 
  • the area of demolition and building demolition, 
  • sandpits, 
  • gravel pits, 
  • drainage ditches, 
  • mines, 
  • quarries. 

Documents to be issued 

  • entry of the qualifications obtained in the operator's log book, issued by the IMBiGS, 
  • operator's certificate. 

Conditions of participation 

  • coming of age, 
  • at least primary education, 
  • a state of health that allows them to work as an operator. 
 operator during backhoe loader operation

List of popular backhoe loader manufacturers:

  • Hidromek, 
  • CASE, 
  • Caterpillar, 
  • CAT, 
  • Volvo, 
  • JCB, 
  • Kubota, 
  • Terex, 
  • New Holland, 
  • Komatsu. 

Our other courses 

We also provide training in maintenance and operation, among other things: 

  • forklift trucks, 
  • cranes, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • tower cranes, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • stacker cranes

Our excavator operator training courses: 

  • single-article excavator operator course, first class specialisation, 
  • single-head excavator operator course in class III specialisation. 

Questions and answers

Where can I work after I am certified as a backhoe loader operator?

You will be able to find employment in many places, including: construction sites, gravel pits, sand pits, mines, quarries, drainage work. 

Will I get confirmation that I have completed the course?

Yes. After completing the course and passing the exam, the participant will receive an operator's certificate and an entry in the operator's book, which is issued by IMBiGS. 

What will I learn from the training?

This is a comprehensive course for backhoe loader operators, where you will gain knowledge on, among other things, the construction and operation of the machine, technical documentation and applicable health and safety rules. 

What kind of education do you need to take the course?

The prerequisite is at least a primary education.

At a glance:

  • Operating an overhead crane - dealing with hazardous situations
  • Crane fitness check - what to check?
  • Tower crane maintenance licence course
  • Stationary crane operator course
  • Course in the operation of goods and passenger lifts and hoists