UDT maintainers carry out inspections before putting equipment into serviceIf you want to work as a materials handling equipment maintenance technician, you need to sit for an exam before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection and obtain a licence. We give our students the opportunity to prepare for the acquisition of the necessary qualifications by conducting UDT maintenance courses in the form of theoretical and practical classes. After completing the classes each participant has the opportunity to take an exam conducted in our centre.

Maintenance of UDT equipment - course information

The standard UDT equipment maintenance course lasts 96 hours. For those who have experience of working as a maintenance technician or with a particular type of equipment, this time can be reduced - this is agreed on an individual basis.

During the theoretical classes, topics covered include:

  • Construction and types of selected types of handling equipment
  • Rules and regulations relating to the type of equipment in question
  • Maintenance duties in connection with repairs and inspections
  • Health and safety rules
  • Reading instructions and record keeping
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts

The theoretical part is followed by the practical part, during which we teach our students how to fix the most common faults, carry out inspections and other skills required for the state exam.

The range of topics covered is in line with UDT examination requirements. Training programme "Equipment maintainer 'UDT' has been developed to also meet the needs of beginners who want to gain the basics needed for the maintenance profession.

After completing the theoretical and practical parts of the course, participants can take the state exam before the UDT commission. If the exam is passed with a positive result, the maintenance candidate receives a qualification certificate, which entitles him to work as a maintenance worker for the next 5 years.

Participants in the UDT courses at our centre can gain authorisations to maintain the following equipment:

  • Mobile platforms: aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, suspended platforms, mast platforms, fixed platforms, platforms on railway vehicles
  • Overhead cranes
  • Hoists and winches
  • Equipment for transporting people with disabilities
  • Various types of cranes: tower, mobile, HDS, stationary, railway and others.

The maintenance person for handling equipment is, among other things, in charge of keeping records for the equipmentMaintenance of UDT equipment - how to sign up for training?

We accept registrations via the website https://platformaedukacji.pl/sklep/. You will find the current course dates and their location. To sign up for your chosen UDT maintenance training course, please add it to your basket and make payment.

If you wish to provide training to a larger number of people (for example, employees of a particular company), please contact directly with our office.

To take part in the course: UDT equipment maintainer, you must meet the minimum requirements, i.e.: be at least 18 years old, have at least a basic education, and provide a statement of no health contraindications to work in this position.