Benefit from our training in ERGON Centre for Staff Improvementto feel more confident in the labor market. Participation in the ERGON course will enable you to gain qualifications and prepare for the state examination before the commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. Trainings in the operation of cranes are carried out pursuant to the Act of December 21, 2000 on technical inspection. They are carried out in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of July 18, 2001. The ERGON course is conducted in the following areas:

  • building lifts (operation of goods and passenger building lifts and goods hoists),
  • the right to operate internal control service and hospital lifts (internal control service lifts and hospital lifts without cabin load control).

The training ensures that participants are prepared to safely operate building lifts. Our instructors are qualified and place particular emphasis on practical skills. We have been sharing our knowledge and experience for over twenty years. Thanks to us, you can become certified to operate building lifts as well as goods and passenger lifts with internal control and hospital lifts.

freight lift 

Purpose of the training

The aim of our training is to pass the state exam and to gain qualifications as a construction hoist, goods and passenger lift operator as well as a hoist operator. The course is intended for people who work in companies performing vertical transport with the use of goods and passenger lifts. Candidates for crane drivers learn about

  • detailed construction of the lift
  • operating rules
  • responsibilities of the crane driver
  • the causes and effects of accidents
  • the provisions of technical supervision
  • maintenance methods for goods lifts
  • health and safety regulations


From the date of successfully passing the exam, you can work in this position for 10 years, but you must apply for a renewal of the certificate as early as 3 months before the deadline.


Benefits of crane operator qualifications

Freight lifts are an indispensable part of any construction site, and they require a skilled worker to operate them. This person controls the lift and his or her duties include observing the maximum possible load of the device, checking its technical condition, transporting the load in an appropriate manner, etc.

Those with qualifications gain many more employment opportunities in the construction industry. Crane operators earn on average 4500 PLN gross, and experienced ones in this industry can count on a rate of 5300 PLN, with 25% workers in this position receiving an even higher salary.


building craneUse and qualification of building, goods and lifts

Thanks to their simple and robust construction, they are used in many branches of industry. Freight cranes are used to transport loads between floors in production and storage halls, they are also used on construction sites to move building materials. Due to their functional characteristics and strict technical limitations in design, they are covered by the provisions of not only the Machinery Directive, but also the Lift Directive.


Types of lifting machinery

Lifts can be classified according to the drive used, the purpose and the type of building in which they can be installed. Taking into account what will be transported, we distinguish between passenger lifts, passenger-freight lifts and goods lifts.

Lifts used in residential and public buildings and reserved for passenger transport are passenger lifts.

Freight cranes can be divided into small and those without the right of access to the cabin.

Passenger and freight lifts are larger and are often used in industry for the transit of massive loads, they even allow the insertion of a whole forklift together with the goods. Their machine room is usually located on the ground floor next to the shaft.

Freight lifts are a type of crane that can be seen when passing by a construction site - they are ladder-like in design and are constructed from a platform that slides along a mast.

Obligations of the operator

course for construction crane operatorsThe employee operating the crane must ensure that the crane is in good working order and properly maintained. Before starting work, the operator should ensure that the equipment is authorised UDT, all required maintenance checks confirmed by the signature of the maintenance officer. Other responsibilities include:

  • working in accordance with the instructions
  • technical inspection
  • proper installation and maintenance
  • taking care of personal protective equipment
  • designation of danger zone
  • monitoring the load on the crane platform
  • stable load distribution
  • ensuring that there is sufficient lighting when working after sunset
  • securing the device against access by third parties


The construction process requires the transport of loads and workers at height within a limited range. These activities are possible thanks to the use of handling equipment. Machines of this type may pose a threat, which is why they are subject to inspections and approvals carried out by UDT inspectors.

All materials handling equipment, including building cranes, must have a Maintenance Log Book, in which all repair and maintenance operations are recorded.



Close-coupled handling equipmentForm of technical supervision - periodicDate and type of testMaintenance interval
Ad hoc periodic
building site hoistslimitedevery two yearsevery 30 days
Builders' hoists for goods and personsfullyearlyevery 30 days


Lifting machinery fitted with electrical equipment must undergo resistance measurements at least once every two years.


Why train with ERGON?

The course offered by us provides theoretical and practical preparation for work as a close-reach crane operator. In the course of training, we focus on comprehensive improvement of our trainees' qualifications. We have over twenty years of experience. Completion of our training will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to independently and safely operate a construction crane, goods lift, passenger crane and hoist.

If you have any questions about our offer, please do not hesitate to call us.