Maintenance of an aerial work platform requires a qualification certificate issued by the UDTA certificate from the Technical Inspection Office (UDT) for aerial work platform maintenance is essential for anyone wishing to take their first steps in the profession. However, passing the exam is just the beginning: to become a well-paid maintenance technician who can choose from the job market, you need to have a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. At our training centre, we offer more than just preparation for the UDT exam. We make sure that our trainees are also prepared for work as a maintenance technician and that they can successfully look for a job right after completing their training. We focus on interesting, engaging forms of knowledge transfer and access to an equipment base that enables practical learning of the profession.

UDT authorisation to maintain skip hoists

The aerial work platform is one of the machines which, according to the regulations, are subject to technical supervision. In practice, this means, among other things, that it is only possible to carry out repairs and technical inspections if one has the relevant licence. Such a document is issued by the Office of Technical Inspection for 5 years, and the basis for obtaining it is a passed theoretical and practical exam.

Course for aerial work platform maintainers - exam preparation

The programme of our training has been arranged to correspond to the range of issues required for the state exam. The trainees gain theoretical knowledge about regulations, occupational health and safety rules, and maintenance duties while performing their tasks. During practical classes, our instructors teach how to diagnose and repair common faults, as well as how to perform periodic technical inspections. To make it easier for participants to prepare for the exam, we offer access to a training platform that includes not only instructional videos and other materials, but also tests with sample exam questions.

We have our own lecture halls and technical facilities, which allow us to carry out theoretical and practical classes. To meet the needs of our students, we also organise theoretical classes online. Webinars are conducted live by our instructors and the students have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Online training is available to people from all over Poland, regardless of location.

Training for skip handlers - details

We have created this course for all those who want to learn about the maintenance of mobile platforms from scratch. Beginners will find on our courses all the knowledge they need to pass the state exam and start working in this profession. At the same time, we are flexible and open to the needs of our customers, which is why we make it possible for people who already have knowledge in this area to take part in the course. The duration of the course can vary depending on the needs of the participants - from 38 to 96 hours. The price of the training includes lectures, practical classes and an approach to the UDT exam.

Participation is open to persons of legal age, with at least a primary school education and in good health to work in the profession (for the purposes of the training, a signed declaration from the participant is sufficient).

Trainings are organised regularly, at our head office in Warsaw and at local branches. Up-to-date information on prices, dates and location can be found on our training purchase page: If you are interested in organising training for more employees, please contact us direct - by phone or email.

Aerial work platforms, used in construction, renovation and industry, are material handling equipment