smiling construction worker at work on a high-rise floor"Health and safety training for persons performing hazardous work

We have prepared comprehensive training courses that will prepare you to perform your duties safely in high-risk occupations. For the sake of your life and safety, we invite you to take part in safety training for people performing dangerous work. Take care of your safety and the safety of your surroundings with us! Because safety is the basis!

The ERGON Personnel Improvement Center has been providing qualifications and authorizations to staff, operators, conservators and other specialists for many years. Many years of experience allows us to conduct training at the highest level. Join our health and safety training to do your job calmly and safely. Do not risk, take care of your safety today!


For whom is health and safety training intended?

graphic with electrician's protective equipmentThe catalogue of occupations with a particular degree of danger is broad. It includes work such as:

  • construction, demolition, renovation and assembly work carried out without stopping the operation of the workplace or of a part thereof;
  • in tanks, ducts, the interior of technical installations and other dangerous confined spaces;
  • using hazardous materials;
  • inside combustion chambers of boilers, flue gas ducts, electrostatic precipitators, boiler drums, hoppers and liquid and gaseous fuel tanks;
  • maintenance, modernisation and repair of live electrical equipment;
  • related to the identification and cutting of power cables.

And many more...


What is the training like?

  • remote form or stationary
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In this part, participants will learn about concepts related to occupational health and safety, labour law and accidents at work, as well as current legislation, including the rights and obligations of employers and employees; preventive health care for employees or occupational health and safety training.

  • stationary form
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Participants will have the opportunity to identify and classify events, identify and classify accident hazards, and acquire the skills to prepare post-accident documentation on the basis of event descriptions prepared by the lecturer.


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photo gallery of participants in safety training for persons performing dangerous work

We also recommend courses on:

  • Qualification UDT/TDT/WDT,
  • Scissor lifts and basket lifts,
  • Overhead cranes and hook loaders
  • Cranes, including HDS and tower cranes,
  • Forklift truck operator,
  • Welding,
  • Preparation for work at height,
  • and many others