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operation of ski lifts in the mountains

The ERGON Centre for the Improvement of Personnel provides training in the field of Close-Rope Transport Equipment. Our offer includes a course on lifts for moving people for tourism and sports purposes. Our main training centre is in Warsaw, but we train specialists all over Poland. We have Centres in the larger cities, and we also offer our clients access to the address indicated. 

Training programme 

The curriculum at our Centre is in line with the standards of the Rope Transport Authority. The candidate will learn the necessary skills to operate safely. Theoretical classes include general knowledge of occupational health and safety, construction and safe operation of UTL. Practical classes consist of testing the knowledge acquired during lectures by performing tasks, under the supervision of our specialists. 

Topics of activities

Main issues discussed during the training: 

 tourist and sports lifts
  • principles of safe UTL operation, 
  • fire protection, 
  • traffic control studies, 
  • wire rope operations, 
  • types and construction of ski lifts, 
  • lift repair work, 
  • procedure for bringing in the vehicle and evacuating passengers, 
  • completion of tasks set by the examiner, covering the full UTL work cycles. 

The qualifications gained are valid for five years. 

Specialist staff 

Operating lifts to move people for tourism and sport requires specialised qualifications and trained staff, which include: 

  • platform operator,  
  • rope transport equipment traffic manager, 
  • driver of rope handling equipment, 
  • maintainer of rope handling equipment. 

Who can become an operator? 

A person who: 

  • is over 18 years of age, 
  • has no medical contraindications to work, 
  • holds a certificate of having passed the examination. 
ski lifts in Poland

Specifics of ski lifts 

Ski lifts for the movement of people for tourism and sports purposes are rope transport facilities, designed to tow people, equipped with ski equipment without losing contact with the piste, by means of towing devices, are distinguished: 

  • ski lift for skiers moving through the water, 
  • ski lift for skiers moving on snow or solid ground. 

Types of ski lifts 

We distinguish between the following extracts:

  • cable car, 
  • funicular railway, 
  • gondola railway, 
  • non-propelled lift, 
  • T-bar lift, 
  • platter lift, 
  • chairlift, 
  • basket lift. 

Our other courses

In addition, at our Centre we run courses such as: 

  • backhoe loader operator course, 
  • gas training, 
  • fork-lift truck course, 
  • courses on working at heights. 

Questions and answers

For how long are tourist-sports lift licences granted?

Permits for ski lifts for the movement of persons for tourism and sports purposes, are valid for 5 years. 

What are the different ski lifts for skiers?

We distinguish between ski lifts for skiers moving on water, snow and solid ground. 

Can the theory classes be conducted online?

Yes, in our training offer, we conduct lectures in an online format. 

At a glance:

  • Course for operators of stationary aerial platforms
  • Course: mast climbing machines - operation
  • UDT training to become a heap loader maintenance technician
  • Course for maintenance technicians of handling equipment with UDT exam
  • UDT certification for construction crane operators