We offer an ADR stationary course for employees granting ADR rights. In our centre you can take advantage of professional classes and learn about the topics covered in the course under the supervision of experienced instructors and lecturers.

Our employee position training course is designed for people who hold positions other than driver, but who also participate in the process of transporting hazardous materials. According to the legal provisions of the European Agreement ADR, a course of this type is necessary for those seeking employment in companies involved in the road transport of goods classified as dangerous, including positions such as:

  • warehouseman, consignor and consignee, shipper
  • clerk
  • a driver transporting dangerous goods without the required certificate, for example on exemptions
  • tank-container operator
  • security guard at a company involved in the transport of hazardous materials

The ADR course for employees covers topics related to legal regulations and practical skills that are necessary to properly secure, package and mark hazardous materials and shipments containing them. The course is divided into a general part that gives a broad introduction to ADR and hazardous materials, and a specialised part tailored to the needs of the trainees and the specificity of their positions. We are able to prepare a training specifically for you to take into account the needs of the company at our headquarters or other designated place.

To start the course, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • at least 18 years of age

The course for employees is not completed by a state examination as in other courses of this kind. Completion of the course confers the necessary authorisation to work with hazardous materials in the positions listed above.

We encourage you to take advantage of courses in our centre - we guarantee professional training at attractive prices and an individual approach to each customer!

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