Fire training - relevance  

In every workplace, it is required that employees are trained on what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency. This is even mentioned in a special article of the Labour Code, namely Article 209, para. 1. para. 2. ordering the employer to organise his personnel with equipment and accessories to fight a fire, as well as to enable them to evacuate if necessary. Furthermore, it is required to establish an appropriate group to manage these procedures. It is therefore essential to send your employees to appropriate courses where, under the guidance of professional and experienced instructors, they will acquire the necessary knowledge in the event of an emergency. To this end, our company Operator Training Centre offers a wide range of courses in fire safety. 

Fire outbreak

What does such training consist of? 

At our centre, we offer both initial and periodic fire safety training. Thanks to us, you will be trained at the highest level, as we have:  

  • professional training facilities,  
  • extensive facilities in the form of professional practice and presentation rooms,  
  • reliable equipment that helps with practical tasks, 
  • years of experience in providing this type and similar training. 

Our courses are taught by experienced experts whose aim is to reliably pass on the knowledge they possess. Not only do we help you meet the guidelines of the Labour Code in the legal field, but we also offer you knowledge that will serve you for years to come, regardless of your change of workplace, professional sector or profession. Our specialists:  

  • present fire prevention measures, 
  • In the event of a fire outbreak, they will show what actions need to be taken to neutralise the danger and organise an evacuation, 
  • based on their experience, raise awareness of particularly dangerous everyday situations and workplace hazards. 

Elements of training 

Training is divided into theory and practice. The first part includes: 

  • presenting the specific hazards that may occur in a particular workplace, 
  • to familiarise the trainees with the fire safety instructions specific to each building, 
  • an explanation of exactly where the relevant fire accessories are located, 
  • explaining the meaning of the various fire signs, 
  • instructions for organising the evacuation procedure,  
  • the most important principles for carrying out first aid. 

The practical part of this type of training includes:  

  • familiarise participants with the entire infrastructure of the building in question, 
  • guiding the trainees along the escape routes that are located on the building site, 
  • First aid exercises following fire injuries, 
  • learning how to use the various fire-fighting tools available in the building. 
Training group

Our instructors strive to make training interesting for the audience and try to activate participants. They focus primarily on practice. The programme of our classes depends on you and what aspects you care most about. We take care to optimise the learning outcomes, which is why the lectures are often enriched with presentations or assignments. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate from us, attesting to the fire protection knowledge you have acquired.  

Many years of experience 

We have many years of practice in providing this type of training. During our several years of presence on the market, we have learned a great deal about the needs of our clients. The training courses we conduct are regularly updated so that the knowledge provided is in line with the latest requirements of the Labour Code and other legal provisions. We have modernised lecture theatres containing professional equipment to enhance the knowledge transfer process. We organise training courses in the majority of Polish cities, and upon the customer's request, we will also conduct such courses in the customer's company or in any other indicated place. 

Cost of training 

Our price list depends on the number of people in the group. Larger groups can receive cost-effective discounts from us and the total price is subject to all negotiations. We also have various other useful training courses in our wide range of products. We have been doing this professionally for a very long time and we know what our customers and all kinds of entrepreneurs need. You will also find courses on health and safety or first aid training with us. If you would like to set a rate and find out about our price list, send us a private message or give us a call.  

We are happy to answer any questions and discuss the details. 

Fire outbreak

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