People who want to obtain authorisations granted by the Office of Technical Inspection must take part in appropriate preparatory courses and then submit an application recommending a candidate for certification. UDT exams are held periodically throughout Poland. Currently, most training centres organise them jointly with the Office's branches, which is why participants have limited formalities in this respect.

Candidates who apply to have their qualifications checked should meet the relevant requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • possess appropriate knowledge and skills
  • submit an appropriate application to the OTI
  • pay the fee before taking the examination

Qualification exams before the UDT commission consist of two parts - a theoretical part and a practical part. The exam checks the knowledge of technical conditions of technical supervision, norms and legal regulations in the selected area. The theoretical exam is conducted in an oral form. The practical test is conducted with the technical device in question, relevant to the type and scope of qualification applied for. Examples can be found on many websites, and are also provided by training centres.

Officially, the technical inspection authority gives notice of the result of the examination within 14 days of the date of the examination, but in practice the examination participant learns of the result on the same day.

If the examination is passed successfully, the UDT authority, depending on the type and profile of the qualification applied for, decides to issue a qualification certificate, in other words a UDT licence. Qualification certificates for persons operating and maintaining technical devices are issued in the form of a plastic card for an unlimited period of time.

Detailed information on UDT examinations can be found on the websites of the local branches and on the UDT homepage. They are also provided by training centres that cooperate with the UDT in the examinations.