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Installation of flange connections - training

Company ODK ERGON invites you to a course on the installation of flange connections. Our company offers certified training conducted in accordance with PN-EN 1591-4 standards. The course is intended for persons performing or supervising installation of flange connections in pressure systems. In order to work with flanged connections, you must first obtain the relevant authorisations issued in Poland by the Office of Technical Inspection. In classes held by the company ERGON you will acquire all the necessary technical knowledge to work as a flange fitter. 

What is the flange joint installation course like? 

The installation of flange connections, like other courses offered in our company, consists of three parts: theoretical, practical and final examination. 

Theoretical classes Practical classes Final examination 
Types of flange connections. 
Functionality of the seals. 
Gasket types. 
Information on bolts used in the assembly of flange connections. 
Maximum gasket tension. 
Common causes of seal connection failures. 
Applied and residual connection loads. 
Health and safety rules for flange connections. 
Safe disassembly. 
Surface preparation. 
Identifying faults.   
Practical classes in flange joint assembly. 
Selection of protective measures. 
Inspection of the working environment.
Gasket inspection. 
Assembly and disassembly operations for flanged connections. 
Leakage test of the completed flanged connection.   
UDT certified exam.
Successful completion of the examination ensures eligibility. 
After the examination, a certificate is issued to each student. 

Courses are held at ERGON's headquarters in Warsaw, but we have branches in several other cities in Poland, where we also hold classes. For organised groups, by prior arrangement with the centre, it is possible to organise training at a location designated by the client. The theoretical part can also take place on our online learning platform. 

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Who can sign up for a course at ERGON? 

In our company, we run both closed courses for organised groups and open courses, which can be enrolled by anyone who would like to broaden their professional competences by adding flange fitting skills. Anyone enrolling for training in our company must meet three conditions: 

flange fitter at work
  • at least 18 years of age, 
  •  at least primary education, 
  • no medical contraindication to work as a flange fitter. 

How to make an appointment for training? 

Open courses at ERGON are held regularly. Free dates can be found on our website. All you need to do is select a suitable date and sign up for training. If you would like to sign up a group of employees for a flange fitting course, please contact our consultants. The price of the training depends on a number of factors, such as the training location or the number of participants. Our company offers competitive rates. We also have preferential prices for clients undertaking longer-term cooperation with us. We encourage you to contact us and sign up for courses.

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