About the training

technical retrofitter with operator

The document required for work in the maintenance of handling equipment is a certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. This entitlement enables the provision of reconditioning services for UDT equipment such as, among others:

  • cranes,
  • forklift trucks,
  • cranes,
  • lifts and other types of mobile platforms.

We organise courses that familiarise participants with the basic knowledge necessary to pass the state examination and to work as modernisers of equipment subject to UDT supervision. Training courses are both open, intended for all beginners, as well as closed - addressed to company employees and created and agreed individually, according to the client's expectations. 

Course programme 

The classes we organise are based on the cross-cutting knowledge of the profession of a moderniser of handling equipment, which is required by the guidelines of the Office of Technical Inspection. The course consists of both theoretical issues and practical methodology. 

The programme of activities consists of the following: 

  • rules and regulations that are related to the supervision of the modernisation of handling equipment; 
  • the main duties of a retrofitter of handling equipment (including inspection, repair, reconditioning); 
  • general information on all equipment covered by the modernisation rights (in terms of construction, types, modes of operation, etc.); 
  • types and methods of remedying cyclical faults; 
  • the application of health and safety rules applicable to the retrofitting of UDT equipment; 
  • the specifics of the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components; 
  • maintenance of technical records; 
  • methodologies for ensuring that equipment is fully operational; 
  • theory of operation of handling equipment; 
  • the correct use of the operating instructions for the appliance. 

Practical activities for course participants 

discussing the tasks of the utb retrofitter during training

Each participant in the course is also given the opportunity to take part in at least a minimum number of hours of practical training, as determined top-down by the UDT. The time required for experiential learning is agreed individually with the instructor and is dependent on the specific needs and previous experience of the trainee. During the practical classes, our Centre provides access to protective equipment and the necessary equipment. 

Information on training  

Training courses are mainly conducted in Warsaw, where our Centre's head office is located. However, we also organise courses in Poland's largest cities, as well as in the client's company after having commissioned us in advance to prepare and conduct a closed course. This option is therefore primarily aimed at employers wishing to prepare their employees for the work of an UDT machine moderniser. 

 The training courses cover equipment such as: 

  • overhead cranes, winches and hoists of workshop cranes that are controlled from the working level; 
  • overhead cranes, winches and hoists of workshop cranes that are controlled from the cab; 
  • mobile cranes mounted on a truck chassis; 
  • tower cranes; 
  • HDS mobile cranes; 
  • self-propelled platforms mounted on a vehicle chassis; 
  • free-wheeling platforms (so-called "steepers" of scissor and jib design), 
  • forklift trucks (i.e. lift trucks that use a mechanical drive for lifting). 

Examination included in the course price 

An integral part of the course is an examination held at the end of the course. This examination is organised by the Office of Technical Inspection in Warsaw or in a branch stationed in the specific city where the course takes place. In addition to the fact that we register all participants registered for the course for the examination, so that no further formalities are required on their part, we also cover the costs of the examination. The price of the examination is therefore included in the price of the preparatory training. 

UDT examination for retrofitting qualifications 

Every participant who completes the maintenance training course at our centre has the opportunity to attempt the state examination. This exam consists of a written knowledge test and a practical part using equipment. Both stages of the knowledge test are passed before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. Participants in our courses do not have to worry about enrolling in the course and choosing the right date to take it, as we take care of all the formalities involved. UDT qualifications remain valid for a period of five years from the time the benefits are received. 

Who is the course aimed at? - requirements 

The course for retrofitters of selected handling equipment is open to anyone interested in gaining the qualifications required for the profession.  

technical upgrading at work

However, we require students to meet the following requirements:  

  • completion of 18 years of age;  
  • have a minimum of primary education; 
  • a declaration that there are no health conditions for working as a moderniser. 

Knowledge of electrical engineering or other disciplines may also be needed for some of the equipment discussed in class. 

Tasks as UDT retrofitter 

The corollary of becoming a retrofitter of UDT equipment is the possibility of taking up a full-time job or running your own business.  

The basic tasks of a materials handling equipment moderniser include: 

  • taking care of the correct technical condition of the equipment; 
  • carrying out periodic technical inspections; 
  • rectification of current technical faults; 
  • carrying out the necessary inspections before the equipment is released for outdoor use; 
  • replacement of lubricants, oils and other consumables; 
  • maintaining comprehensive technical documentation for the unit. 

Course of action for retrofitting UDT machines 

  1. Development of complete repair documentation and methods for remediating equipment damage. 
  1. Agreement of the documentation with the Technical Inspection Authority. 
  1. Acceptance of the documentation by the Office of Technical Inspection. 
  1. Major repair of the damaged component.  
  1. Quality check of the completed retrofit by an accredited laboratory. 
  1. Submission of full documentation to the Office of Technical Inspection. 
  1. Carrying out the acceptance of the equipment by the UDT inspector. 

UDT modernisation requirements 

technical upgrading during equipment maintenance

The Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 3 February 2003 changed the type of technical equipment that is subject to technical supervision. According to the above-mentioned document, mechanical lift trucks were included in technical supervision (i.e. Dz. U. No. 28, item 240). This regulation also obliges the users of forklift trucks to register their forklift trucks with the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) and obliges the owners to perform periodic inspections in authorised companies. Our Centre specialises in providing courses on UDT modernisation authorisations for the renovation of the most common types of equipment covered by technical supervision.  

With a permit and relevant UDT authorisations, we can carry out retrofit repairs, among other things: 

  • HDS cranes; 
  • vehicle loading lifts; 
  • forklift trucks; 
  • mobile platforms. 

About us 

Our ERGON Centre for the Improvement of Personnel cordially invites all interested candidates to undertake training for the retrofitting licence of the UDT. In addition to this type of training, we also organise other courses related to the operation and maintenance of machinery belonging to materials handling. We organise open classes, which are available to any potential participant, as well as dedicated lectures for organised closed groups. Our company is registered as a non-public educational institution specialising in the conduct of training activities, listed in the register of non-public establishments and schools of the Capital City of Warsaw. Our training providers are a group of qualified lecturers who are well versed in their field of work with UDT equipment, gained through many years of professional experience. 

Strengths of the course

Benefits of undertaking the training include: 

  • practical classes on equipment; 
  • theoretical classes in maintenance operations; 
  • comprehensive knowledge of the construction and modernisation of selected handling equipment; 
  • familiarisation with current health and safety regulations and current UDT requirements. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Questions and answers

For what period are UDT machine moderniser qualifications issued?

UDT entitlements remain valid for a period of five years from the time the benefits are received. 

What are the prerequisites for a candidate to take the course?

We require students interested in taking the course to meet the following requirements: being of legal age, having a minimum of primary education and a certificate of no health contraindications to work as a moderniser. 

At a glance:

  • Internal auditor course 
  • Hook Rigger
  • Hookmaker course
  • Deck crane maintenance licence course
  • Filling portable pressure vessels with liquefied gases