Forklift truck course

At our centre you will acquire the knowledge and skills to operate forklift trucks. We provide theoretical as well as practical classes. Our instructors will provide you with everything you need to pass your driving test and will prepare you for your future work as a forklift operator

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Welding course

A welder is one of the most sought after professions on the labor market. Our center runs schools thanks to which you will gain the knowledge and skills required for this position. The duties of welders often go beyond the scope of welding, therefore we also conduct courses:

  • soldering
  • welding
  • assembly of flange connections
  • fiber optic welding

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Work at height

We invite you to our center for a mountaineering course preparing you to work at heights. We provide professional knowledge on work in rope access and construction. We offer:

  • training in the evacuation of people at height,
  • climbing training in rope access techniques,
  • construction access
  • construction access with elements of rope access techniques,
  • creating temporary belay points,
  • training in the evacuation of people from confined spaces.

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Mobile lifting course (UDT)

We invite you to take part in a course on mobile platforms in our centre. Thanks to it, you can obtain UDT certificates for mobile platforms, scissor lifts, basket lifts and other equipment in this category. Our classes comprehensively combine theory and practice, preparing you both for the exam and for future work as an operator. In the implementation of training we cooperate with the Office of Technical Inspection in Warsaw, as well as with branches throughout Poland. We invite you to closer look at the program of classes, terms of admission and the schedule of current classes on our website!

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Electric course (G1), thermal course (G2), gas course (G3)

Zapraszamy Państwa na kurs przygotowujący do egzaminów przed komisjami SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS w kategoriach G1 – elektroenergetyka, G2 – ciepło i G3 – gaz w naszym Ośrodku Doskonalenia Kadr ERGON. Dzięki naszym zajęciom można otrzymać uprawnienia do 1 kV lub wyższe nadawane przez SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS. Szkolimy kompleksowo, skutecznie przygotowując naszych kursantów do egzaminów. Zapewniamy jednocześnie bardzo atrakcyjne ceny. Jesteśmy dostępni w mieście Warszawa i innych lokalizacjach. Jeśli chcą Państwo zapisać się na szkolenie, zachęcamy do bliższego zapoznania się z naszą ofertą!

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Ergon - training courses UDT, ADR and others - Warsaw and whole Poland

Ośrodek Doskonalenia Kadr Ergon oferuje kursy na uprawnienia UDT, ADR, TDT, kursy wysokościowe, w specjalności diagnosta samochodowy oraz DGSA, a także innego rodzaju szkolenia. Zapewniamy kompleksową i profesjonalną obsługę szkoleniową na terenie całej Polski. Świadczymy również usługi w zakresie BHP, PPOŻ oraz ADR (DGSA). Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z naszą pełną ofertą!
The satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance to us. That is why we guarantee training services at the highest level. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to train effectively - as many as 98% of them would recommend us to others.

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UDT training for crane operators - sign up now!

Welcome to the crane course at the Centre for Staff Development ERGON - we provide professional training UDT for years. We provide a professional training service aimed at authorising overhead travelling cranes in categories II S and I S.
Our classes meet all the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and comprehensively prepare participants to successfully pass the UDT exam and start working as a crane operator.
Our UDT courses are intended for all those who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills regarding the operation of cranes. These devices are used in short-distance transport in warehouses, production halls, sidings, shipyard ramps.

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Scaffolding assembly course

We invite you to a course designed for construction workers who have contact with the assembly of scaffolding. Our experts provide practical knowledge in the field of:

  • rules for the assembly of metal scaffolding,
  • rules for the assembly of scaffolding made of steel and system pipes,
  • rules for dismantling the scaffolding.

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Obtain your UDT licence

Thanks to our centre you can gain the UDT licence to operate selected equipment. Our offer includes UDT courses for operating mobile platforms, cranes, telescopic handlers and overhead cranes. We cooperate with UDT in Warsaw, as well as with branches throughout Poland. Our training courses are conducted in the open form - as available to anyone interested in participation, as well as closed for groups - then we come to our customers throughout the Poland. We encourage you to check our offer!

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Courses on HDS - Warsaw and entire Poland

In our ERGON Centre of Staff Training we offer you a professional course on HDS - hydraulic truck crane. Thanks to participation in it and after passing the exam you can obtain HDS licence for mobile cranes. The course covers a wide range of topics related to the operation of this type of equipment and is supplemented by practical exercises. If you want to sign up for the HDS course, the price with us will certainly also arouse your interest. We invite you to check our offer on HDS - Warsaw and whole Poland!

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ADR course - get certified!

W naszym ośrodku szkoleniowym mogą odbyć Państwo profesjonalny kurs ADR, który pozwala uzyskać uprawnienia ADR do przewozu drogowego towarów i ładunków niebezpiecznych zgodnie z aktualnymi wymogami. Zajęcia obejmują wiedzę teoretyczną i praktykę, przepisy. Ponadto, oferujemy kursy DGSA (doradca ADR). Zapewniamy profesjonalne wsparcie wykwalifikowanych specjalistów, dostarczamy testy i całościowo przygotowujemy do egzaminów. Prowadzimy otwarte i zamknięte kursy ADR, cena jest uzależniona od liczby uczestników. Zapraszamy do nauki w naszym ośrodku!

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Car diagnostician

In our centre we prepare for the profession of car diagnostician, the course conducted by our centre is aimed at beginners and those who already have a licence. The course auto diagnostician gives participants a wide theoretical knowledge and practice to pass the exam and gain the necessary authorization. After completing the classes in the specialty: professional car diagnostician, you can gain qualifications by passing an exam and then start working as a car diagnostician (requirements are presented on the training page). We invite you to training automotive diagnostician in our training centre ODK Ergon Warsaw!

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ADR adviser (DGSA) - adviser services and training

Welcome to the ADR / DGSA advisor course at our training centre! An advisor is a person indispensable in companies specialising in the transport of hazardous materials. Each advisor must have completed a relevant DGSA course including knowledge of transport of dangerous goods confirmed by a state exam. We offer DGSA Advisor training to people wishing to obtain a licence for the first time or update their qualifications. We encourage you to learn in our centre! ODK Ergon Warsaw is always an attractive price!

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Flange fitter course

At our centre, you will gain knowledge and skills about flange connection installation. The flange connection course will prepare you for working in high-pressure systems. Among other things, you will learn about the types of flange connections and the types and functions of the gaskets used in them. At the end of the course you will receive a TÜV certificate in accordance with EN 1591-4.

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Sales and audit

Our company also sells and audits forklift trucks, telehandlers, HDS cranes and scissor and basket lifts and many other pieces of equipment. We offer new as well as used equipment imported from verified suppliers and tested accordingly. We offer equipment from reputable brands:

  • Linde,
  • Haulotte,
  • Genie,
  • Manitou,
  • JLG,
  • Still,
  • Toyota,
  • Jungheinrich. 

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Equipment maintenance

In addition to training, our services also offer the possibility of servicing machines:

  • forklifts
  • telescopic loaders
  • movable platforms (including scissors and basket lifts)
  • cranes
  • cranes, also called lifts or lifts
  • HDS cranes

We invite you to use the services of our mechanics who will bring your equipment to its former glory.

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