Centre for Staff Training ERGON offers you vocational courses which will enable you to gain authorisations of the Office of Technical Inspection. We have many years of experience in this field and we employ qualified instructors. We cooperate closely with UDT Warsaw and other branches in Poland. Choosing our classes, you can be sure that they will be conducted comprehensively, professionally and in accordance with current legal requirements.

Our UDT courses are aimed at anyone interested in obtaining the rights granted by this institution. They concern, among others, the operation of such equipment as mobile platformscranes, telescopic handlers, cranesThe company has a wide range of equipment, including many used in particular in construction, materials handling and assembly work.

Our UDT trainings take into account all the current requirements of the Office, are rich in theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, which makes them comprehensively prepare their participants to take the final exam. Each participant of our classes is provided with professional support of our instructors with wide professional experience, as well as access to teaching materials. The exam takes place in front of a commission and a positive result of the exam confers UDT authorization, which is confirmed by the issue of an appropriate certificate.

We organise classes in two forms - open form, i.e. addressed to anyone interested - in such case, please select a convenient date from the schedule and sign up for classes, as well as in closed form - it is addressed specifically to groups, including companies, which want to train their employees. Then we are able to come to you in the whole of Poland at a convenient time.

We invite you to check the current schedule of classes in ODK ERGONIf you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. Our employees will provide you with detailed information about our training offer.

UDT certification course for rail crane operators
Telescopic handler - course
Course for tower crane operator's licence
UDT training for Skyjack qualifications - operator, platform maintainer
Course for container handling equipment operator
UDT training for crane operators - sign up now!
Training for backhoe loader operator
Tower crane maintenance licence course
Stationary crane operator course
Course in the operation of goods and passenger lifts and hoists
Training - platforms on railway vehicles
Training for floating cranes - future operators and maintainers welcome
Freight lift and ship lift course - how to do?
UDT training in the operation of mobile and portable cranes
Maintenance course for portable and mobile cranes
Maintainer and operator of mobile and transportable cranes - UDT vocational training courses
Fork lift trucks - obtain your operator's licence
Course in equipment maintenance for the disabled
Mobile platforms training
Course for the maintenance of passenger aerial ropeways
Construction and goods handling crane operator course
Internal auditor course 
Hook Rigger
UTB retrofitter course
Hookmaker course
Deck crane maintenance licence course
Filling portable pressure vessels with liquefied gases
Get qualified for railway cranes - become an operator or maintainer
Training for the authorisation of tower and high-speed cranes
Scissor lift course - operation
Lifting platforms - course for operating spider platforms
Mast lift operator's licence
Flange joint assembly course
Course on aerial work platforms with UDT exam
Hanging aerial platform maintenance course
Operation and maintenance of loading, unloading and load feeding equipment
Scissor lift and boom lift course - preparation for work abroad
Warehouse stacker crane maintenance course
Course: Hanging mobile platforms
Course for operators of stationary aerial platforms
Course: mast climbing machines - operation
Ski lift operator course for the transfer of persons
UDT training to become a heap loader maintenance technician
Course for maintenance technicians of handling equipment with UDT exam
UDT certification for construction crane operators
Course in maintenance of aerial work platforms - permit from UDT
On-board crane operator course 
Warehouse stacker cranes training - operation and maintenance
Construction machinery course
Hook signaller - comprehensive UDT training
Mobile platforms

At a glance:

  • TDT course for UNO operation
  • TDT certification course
  • HDS
  • Mobile platforms
  • UDT certification course for rail crane operators