Construction of an overhead crane - mechanical and electrical components

Overhead cranes, which are cranes, are material handling equipment designed to lift and lower materials - transporting them horizontally and vertically. Overhead cranes are usually large structures that consist of many components. They can be divided into mechanical and electrical components.

Elements of the mechanical equipment of the crane:

  • crane runway - buffers and cams
  • cranes - travel wheels, drive wheels, stop legs, crane travel mechanisms, buffers, lever limit switches, copper brushes, wind protection if the cranes are installed outdoors
  • bridge - made of T-bar, includes buffers
  • drive bogie - motor, gear
  • lifting mechanism - body, grooved rope drum (or chain drum), oil bath gearbox, self-braking drive motor, steel wire rope (cable drag), wire guide ring, hook, bar with buffers and limit switch

Elements of electrical equipment of the crane:

  • power switch - responsible for switching the crane on and off, it has a power supply circuit (busbar, trolley, moving wires)
  • crane switch - used to switch on and off the complete power supply of the crane, excluding auxiliary circuits, for example heating and air conditioning
  • trolleys - current collectors
  • limit switches
  • control pendant
  • electrical switchboard located on the bridge
  • control and switch cabinet located on the bogie

Information on the construction of individual types of overhead cranes is presented in crane course. UDT trainings of this type comprehensively prepare for taking up a job crane operator. During the classes, participants receive information on overhead cranes and their operation, and take part in practical exercises. The course ends with an exam - the successful completion of which confers a licence for overhead cranes. These are UDT authorisations.

We warmly invite you to take a crane course - the price and dates are presented on our website.

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