UDT training for overhead cranes

We invite you to a crane course at the Personnel Training Center ERGON - we run professionals UDT training for years. We provide an expert training service aimed at crane licences granted in categories II S and I S.

Our classes meet all the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and comprehensively prepare participants to successfully pass the UDT exam and start working as a crane operator.

Our UDT courses are intended for all those who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills regarding the operation of cranes. These devices are used in short-distance transport in warehouses, production halls, sidings, shipyard ramps.

We offer classes in accordance with the UDT categories:

  • II S - overhead travelling cranes, hoists and winches of category II W operated from the working level and mobile workshop cranes
  • I S - overhead travelling cranes, hoists and winches of category I W operated from a working level or from a cabin, and mobile workshop cranes

Our trainings are divided into theoretical and practical parts. They are finished with an exam before a commission. After passing the exam, the participant obtains a crane licence confirmed by an appropriate qualification certificate. Examinations are conducted in cooperation with the UDT Warsaw and its branches throughout the country.

In the course of the conducted classes the topics are discussed:

  • types of equipment and their construction
  • activities carried out before, during and after work
  • technical supervision of equipment
  • Health and safety when operating equipment

After learning the theory, students take part in practical exercises.

To register for classes you must have:

  • at least 18 years old
  • at least a basic education
  • no contraindication to work in the post, certified by a duly authorised doctor

We invite you to a course on cranes - the price in our Centre is very attractive. Detailed information about the dates can be found on our website. We also encourage you to choose other courses in Ergon, including a course on mobile platformsADR and HDS courses. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.