Mobile platforms (spiders) - light, compact and easy to move equipment for work at heightsMobile platforms, equipped with a characteristic spider-leg base, are popular due to their small size in difficult terrain. This qualification opens the door to work in many sectors: renovation, cleaning, construction sites and more. The course, whose programme we have created on the basis of many years of experience in preparing candidates for the UDT exams, is an effective way to obtain authorisations to work with platforms - spiders.

Mobile lifting platforms - spiders

Device characteristics:

  • They do not have their own propulsion to enable them to be moved - they are transported on appropriately prepared trailers
  • They have a platform in the form of a basket to transport workers to the appropriate height, the basket usually accommodates one or two people
  • They are equipped with a spider-legged base to ensure stability when working in the field
  • Their small size and weight allow them to be used indoors and outdoors, even where space is limited or the ground is not supportive
  • Mobile platforms The "spider" type works well in places where an aerial lift or a crane has no chance to enter due to lack of space or difficult terrain conditions
  • Can be quickly loaded and transported from site to site
  • Working height and working radius depend on the parameters of the model in question; indicative working heights range from a few metres to about 50 metres
  • Used for: renovation, construction, conservation of monuments inside and outside, painting of walls and ceilings, maintenance of green areas, clearing snow from roofs, cleaning.

A mobile platform (spider) is, according to the regulations of the Office of Technical Inspection, a device covered by technical supervision. This means that in order to operate it, you need to have a licence for mobile platforms.

UDT authorisation for mobile platforms - spiders

According to the UDT regulations, entitlement to operate mobile platforms, known as spiders, is obtained by passing a theoretical and practical exam. Our centre gives future operators the opportunity to prepare for this exam in the best possible way by offering a course whose scope is consistent with the UDT examination requirements. The training is completed with an exam conducted by inspectors from the Office. It consists of two parts: a knowledge test with closed questions and a practical skills test. After obtaining an appropriate number of points from both parts, the UDT grants certificates valid in Poland.

Mobile lifting platforms operator course

The training is aimed at preparing candidates for the exam. During the course the participants learn the components of mobile platforms, they get acquainted with the operating manuals of these devices and learn the principles of safe operation. The course for mobile platforms operators consists of a theoretical part in the form of lectures and practical classes. It can be attended by people with different levels of experience - we organise classes for people who are looking for knowledge from the basics and those who just need to complete the information.

Organisational details about the course:

  • We organise open trainings, available for every client, and closed trainings, available only for the employees of the client's company who will contact us
  • The duration of the course and the range of topics covered depends on the level of the group. When registering a participant or participants, we conduct an interview on the basis of which we direct you to the appropriate group or plan a programme of classes in a closed group
  • Classes take place in Warsaw or in the Centre's branches in Poland; in the case of training courses for companies, we can arrange a location convenient for the client
  • There is no need for additional registration for the UDT exam - The centre represents the trainees in contacts with the Office
  • To sign up for a course, please contact the Centre by phone or e-mail - we will then suggest a date and group, as well as the price of participation. Detailed information on enrolment can be found here:

Should you have any further questions, please refer to the information on the page with frequently asked questions or to contact us by phone/email.

Mobile platforms, so-called spiders, can be easily transported from site to site