Proper training of employees is key to achieving optimal work results - in those plants where employees are properly qualified, work can be carried out even more efficiently and competitively. W ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement We provide you with full support in the implementation of training courses for employees, always at affordable prices. We always adapt our prices individually to the training activities commissioned to us, including attractive discounts for closed groups.Companies are increasingly deciding to invest in their staff, but this also entails costs, which can be considerable in the case of larger groups. In such cases, customers who cannot afford to pay for employee training in its entirety can also benefit from additional forms of financing.

Human capital - European Funds
Grants for entrepreneurs can also be used to finance training courses for employees. In order to do so, you should familiarise yourself with the assistance offered by the Human Capital Operational Programme. Within its framework, you can obtain most of the amount allocated for training of employees.

Municipal subsidies
Some municipalities offer subsidies to employers operating in their area for the training of workers, especially young workers.

Labour offices
Unemployed people wishing to find employment or set up their own business can obtain funding from the Labour Fund, which enables them to take courses and examinations to obtain professional qualifications without high costs.

For those entrepreneurs who cannot obtain grants but need to train employees, loans are also available. They are offered by banks and non-banking companies. On attractive terms, you can get the financial support you need to invest in your company's human capital.

At the ERGO Personnel Improvement Centre we are flexible, so we adapt the costs of training to the needs of our customers. We also provide attractive discounts, so by choosing our offer you do not have to spend a lot of money on training.