The roller operator during work Company ERGON invites interested persons to trainings granting permissions for construction machines. Thanks to our company, you and your employees will learn how to safely operate machines such as excavators, rollers or scaffolding.

Who can take part in the training

Regardless of which machine training the candidate is interested in, he must meet the same basic conditions in each case. Our company offers training for people at all levels of experience, everyone who is interested in acquiring new skills useful at work, please contact our company.

To participate in one of the training courses for construction machines at ERGON, only a few basic requirements must be met:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Education at least basic
  • There are no medical contraindications for operating the machine on which the course is being conducted

The license to operate construction machinery is a great choice for people interested in expanding their professional competences. The operator of an excavator or loader is currently a scarce profession on the Polish labor market, which is why people with appropriate qualifications can count on satisfactory earnings. Additionally, as you can see, the course on construction machinery can be completed by virtually anyone. Therefore, it is worth considering participating in the training if someone is looking for opportunities to develop their professional skills.

workers on the scaffolding

Validity of Permissions

Both excavators, rollers and scaffolding have indefinite licenses. This means that the certificate entitling to work as a fitter or machine operator does not have to be renewed every few years.

The form of the course

Regardless of the type, all trainings organized by ERGON have the same form. They consist of three parts - theoretical, practical and final exam, the passing of which gives the students the required qualifications.

Theoretical partPractical partFinal examination
In the theoretical part, students have the opportunity to learn all the information regarding the safe operation and maintenance of the selected device. This part of the training takes the form of lectures during which the trainers provide the trainees with all the information necessary for the work of the operator or installer.In the practical part, students have the opportunity to practice the skills acquired in the theoretical part. Under the watchful eye of our training staff, course participants can practice all the skills related to the operation of the machine of their choice in a calm and safe way.The exam, just like the training, consists of the theoretical and practical parts.

The theoretical part takes the form of a written exam. Students answer a number of closed and open-ended questions to test their knowledge of the safe operation of construction machinery.

The practical part consists in carrying out activities related to the installation, operation and maintenance of construction machinery before the examination committee.

Passing both parts of the exam provides qualification benefits that allow you to work as an operator or fitter.

The price of the course for the operator of construction machinery

Our company offers two types of training - open and closed.

Open trainings are organized regularly, anyone who is willing to expand their professional competences and meets the basic conditions can take part in them. Training dates and prices can be found on our website. The calendar of training courses organized by our company is regularly updated, so we encourage you to follow the information posted on our website.

For individual clients willing to provide their employees with training to expand their professional competences, our company offers closed courses. The prices of such trainings are set individually with each client. Their price depends on many factors, such as the number of students, their level of experience, time and place of training. People looking for training for their employees are encouraged to contact our consultants by phone. In addition, customers willing to cooperate with ERGON for a longer period of training for their employees can count on preferential rates.

All ERGON trainings take place by default in our training center in Warsaw or in one of the company's branches located throughout the country. Additionally, in the case of closed training, our trainers can visit individual clients to conduct training in their company.

ERGON's trainers will make every effort to ensure that you and your employees learn how to safely operate construction machinery. Our company can boast of a very high percentage of passing license exams. Additionally, we are able to prepare an individual offer tailored to each client. People who are willing to acquire new professional competences or train their employees, we encourage you to contact our company.