Obtaining the appropriate qualifications to perform work as a machine operator requires participation in training and then taking an exam. In our ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement We provide professional support in this field for various professions. Our services are aimed both at individuals enrolling on their own and at closed groups.

What are closed trainings?
Closed trainings, which are also referred to as in-house or in-company trainings, are organised in response to the needs of enterprises that want to train their employees at convenient dates. Thanks to them, an entrepreneur can hold a training session at a specified place, for example, in his office or in another space, for example, during a business trip.

An additional advantage of closed trainings is the possibility to conduct them with a dedicated programme, which is adapted to the substantive needs of the ordering party and the participants, including the specificity of their work positions. In addition, when preparing the programme, it is possible to fine-tune it to fit the budget of the company ordering the service.

Closed-door training courses with customer visits in ODK ERGON
At the ERGON Personnel Training Center, we organize full-scale closed training, including professional training, UDT, G1, G2, G3, TDT and ADR trainings and additionally health and safety, fire protection and first aid trainings. We can organize all of them for our clients as closed and individually adapted to the requirements presented to us.

We travel to our customers throughout Poland to organise closed-door training. We are a flexible company that puts emphasis on customer satisfaction - that is why we are able to come to you at any given time and to practically any place in the country to conduct professional training.

When you want to organise them for your employees, we can adapt them individually to your requirements. Please contact us for an individual service quote.