In order to operate UNO equipment - filling machines for pouring and unloading hazardous substances, including fuels - it is necessary to attend a UNO TDT course and to obtain the relevant qualification. During the courses, all key information on safety procedures, types and hazards of cargoes according to the ADR convention, as well as the duties as an operator of equipment for filling and emptying tanks are provided.A person who is to carry out activities of this kind is required to:

  • gaining the competence confirmed by a qualification certificate - the authorisations to operate pouring machines
  • have knowledge of the equipment used at the workplace and its technical characteristics
  • knowledge of technical and operational documentation
  • knowledge of theoretical operations for filling and emptying tanks
  • preparing a suitable, safe workplace
  • at work to fill and empty the tank correctly in accordance with the rules and requirements
  • monitoring the measurement and control indicators continuously
  • know what to do in case of fire, emergencies or other accidents
  • knowledge of first aid principles

The UNO operator should bear in mind that various types of nozzles and tanks are used in the work, so before starting operations, it is important to study their documentation and technical parameters, such as maximum filling level.

All the necessary skills and knowledge are acquired during the course for filling machines. A certificate of competence is issued indefinitely, but the operator should remember to retrain if necessary. Safety at the workplace is fundamental, so as an operator you need to remember all the procedures for dealing with hazardous materials such as fuels.

If you are interested in becoming certified, we invite you to take advantage of our training services in ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement!