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The ERGON brand deals with comprehensive servicing of machinery in the materials handling segment. Among other things, we provide repair services for telehandlers. We base all work on high-quality spare parts, so when you entrust your machines to us for servicing, you will be convinced of the quality of our services. With well-chosen parts, your machine will work much better in terms of performance. Preventing breakdowns and carrying out repairs promptly not only prolongs the service life, but also means longer trouble-free operation and saves you money. Our specialists will initially carry out an audit and inform you of the next service action. Regardless of the type of charger or fault, we will provide you with an expert diagnosis. To make it easier for our customers to take care of their equipment, we offer the preparation of a personalised service booklet so that you won't forget to check or replace worn fluids.  

What do we offer?

Our services include: 

  • stationary and mobile service, 
  • delivery of parts to the chosen address, 
  • a maintenance programme tailored to customer requirements,
  • access to certified specialists,  
  • registration of equipment with UDT, 
  • telescopic loader training, 
  • we provide periodic inspections and maintenance, 
  • maintenance of a service log book,
  • audit,
  • modernisation of parts, 
  • checking the device before purchase. 

What do we service?

 As part of the service, we primarily offer repairs to equipment such as:

  • telescopic handlers, 
  • forklift trucks, 
  • aerial work platforms and scissor lifts, 
  • other mobile platforms, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • cranes. 

Classification of telehandlers

Telescopic handlers fall into two categories: 

  • front loaders - with the boom mounted on the right-hand side of the machine and a stationary operator's cab, they are characterised by their high lifting capacity, 
  • rotary loaders - equipped with an additional swivel head that allows the operator's cab to rotate 360 degrees, they feature a high lifting height. 

Our company repairs and services both types of telehandlers. 

Most frequent failures

The most common faults we service are:  

lift truck on site
  • wear and tear of components (As part of the repair, we bore and sleeve the holes), 
  • failure of a pump or the hydraulic boom (in a situation where the boom descends, even when the load is not exceeded, rises unevenly and too slowly or the pump does not respond to signals from the control system),  
  • defects in the operator's cab (e.g. non-functioning lights and windows, electronic faults), 
  • engine and gearbox failures (As part of the repair, we determine the cause of failure and recondition or replace broken parts), 
  • Wear and tear on the hydraulic lines (we replace with new ones as part of the service), 
  • Suspension clearances (as part of the repair, we remove the slack). 

Purchase of UTB equipment 

For anyone interested in purchasing a machine from the materials handling equipment segment, we sell both new and used equipment. Our specialists will provide you with an offer tailored to your expectations.

Registration of equipment with the Office of Technical Inspection

Telescopic handlers are equipment that must be registered with the Office of Technical Inspection. This means that the relevant documents must be prepared. As part of our services, we also help you in this respect - we will help you register your loader with the Technical Inspection Authority. Feel free to contact us and ask for details. 

Maintenance checks 

We provide periodic inspections and maintenance, which are carried out by our experienced, certified and qualified maintenance technicians. We have the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out repairs and maintenance on the machine at our premises or at your workplace. We send mobile service technicians to take care of all repairs on site, so that the repair is done right away. Once the servicing is complete, you can use the telehandler. 

telescopic loader overhauled

We are mobile 

No way of getting your machine to us? Take advantage of our mobile service offer. Our service vehicles are well equipped, so we can carry out most repairs directly at the address of your choice. Distance is not a problem for us, as we service the whole of Poland.  

About us 

We have been providing comprehensive service for telescopic handlers and other handling equipment for many years. The company is based in Warsaw, but we service throughout Poland. Quality is an important issue for us, our specialists have the right qualifications for the job. All audits and repairs are carried out by qualified professionals who are very familiar with equipment from various manufacturers. 

Contact us and provide your device with top-quality service! 

Questions and answers

Do you carry out an audit as part of the service?

Yes, we are involved in auditing, maintenance and modernisation, among other things.

Do you have a mobile service on offer?

Yes, we do own serviced vehicles, they are well equipped so we can carry out servicing anywhere. 

Is it possible to carry out a periodic review with you?

Yes, our qualified service technicians will provide you with a periodic maintenance check.  

Do you offer your services in other cities?

Our company offers its services throughout Poland, including Warsaw. 

At a glance:

  • Services
  • Repair
  • Comprehensive repair of hoists and winches
  • Comprehensive repair of UDT lifting machinery
  • HDS handling crane service