Scissor lift, boom lift, etc. used on offshore platforms, among othersThe training course is designed for candidates for mobile platform operators who wish to become qualified to work with this equipment on land and sea. Its curriculum has been prepared in accordance with MEWP ISO 18878 standards to ensure the highest quality of training and the knowledge needed for work on land and at sea, including on offshore platforms. Completion of the course is recognised in OMHEC (Offshore Mechanical Handling Equipment Committee) member countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. Courses preparing for work on mobile platforms abroad are held in Warsaw or in the form of e-learning on an educational platform.

Scissor lifts (international name: scissor lift)

This equipment falls into the category of free-running mobile platforms. It consists of a wheeled chassis, a boom that is folded in a similar way to scissors, and a working platform. The platform-basket is used to transport workers and tools to the work site. Scissor platforms can have different lifting arrangements: telescopic, articulated or mixed articulated-telescopic. The platform usually accommodates several people - their number and lifting capacity is specified in the instructions for use of the device. A scissor lift is a diesel, electric or hybrid drive device. These types of platforms can be used for both indoor and outdoor work, depending on the parameters of the model in question.

Aerial work platforms (international name: boom lift)

This is a popular type of self-propelled mobile platform, known as a boom lift. The boom and the working platform (basket) are permanently mounted on a truck trailer. Individual models may differ in lifting capacity and number of persons accommodated in the basket, maximum working area, total weight and type of drive (electric or diesel). Boom lifts are used in many areas, for example: assembly of steel structures (factory halls, warehouses), installation and repair of lighting, construction work on the roof and facade of buildings, glass and wall cleaning, installation of large format advertising or care of green areas.

Courses for mobile platforms for operators abroad

The training programme has been prepared based on the MEWP ISO 18878 standard and the OMHEC TRAINING STANDARD.

The most important topics covered on the mobile platform operator course:

  • Structure and operation of the various components of boom lifts and scissor lifts
  • Safety rules for working with equipment on land and at sea
  • Examination and testing of mobile platforms
  • Provisions for the operation of lifts

The theoretical part is complemented by practical activities using the equipment discussed.

Operating aerial work platforms (boom lifts) and scissor lifts (scissor lifts) abroad requires a certificateExamination and certificate

The training is completed with a theoretical and practical exam. After passing the exam, the participant receives a certificate in electronic form. The licence is valid for 5 years and is valid in the following countries: Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom.

For an additional fee (300 PLN) it is possible to issue a so-called Hot Work - a plastic card in credit card format.

Until the certificate is issued, the course participant can use the provisional certificate to carry out the work.

Mobile platform operator course abroad - employment opportunities

Aerial work platforms and scissor lift operators are specialists widely sought after on foreign labour markets. With qualifications valid in these countries, they can perform maintenance, construction and installation work. The certificate issued by the Centre's accredited instructors also gives the opportunity to take up well-paid work on oil rigs in Norway.