Training offer - available courses:

Mobile platforms cat. I P and II P




UDT courses

Qualification UDT


ADR course Warsaw

Basic ADR course


Ergon training

ADR specialist course


ADR privileges

ADR course for employees


Ergon training

Car diagnostician - course


DGSA Advisor Warsaw

ADR Adviser Course - DGSA


TDT training for filling machines for tanks and reservoirs

TDT course for UNO operation


Ergon training

We would like to invite you to classes preparing you for the UDT exam for operators and maintainers of such devices as:

  • mobile platforms
  • advances
  • aerial lifts
  • scissor lifts
  • HDS
  • cranes

Centre for Staff Training ERGON provides you with access to professional courses for ADR licences and courses for the position of vehicle diagnostician. A course with us is a guarantee of satisfaction - we help you comprehensively acquire extensive theoretical knowledge and practice necessary to successfully pass the exams.

We offer ADR courses at a basic and specialist level, and we also run courses needed for the position of DGSA advisor as well as job-specific courses for employees. Each course held in our centre is based on current legislation and the broad knowledge and competences of our lecturers and instructors. If you are interested in becoming a car diagnostician, you are also welcome to use our offer - we have prepared courses for beginners as well as specialist courses.

Courses conducted in our centre are always conducted in accordance with the latest legal regulations and are based on knowledge and practice consistent with them. We have advanced facilities (fully equipped rooms, materials, including tests) and we cooperate with specialists in the aforementioned field, which is why our classes help you successfully pass the exams and obtain the necessary licences.

Our offer includes the following courses:

  • ADR basic course for drivers transporting dangerous goods
  • ADR specialist course for drivers transporting dangerous goods in tanks, transporting explosives and radioactive material
  • ADR adviser course - DGSA
  • ADR training course for employees in transport companies who work with the loading and unloading of dangerous goods
  • UNO 1-3 course necessary for filling and emptying transport tanks
  • car diagnostic course

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer - on the website you can learn more about the different types of courses we run. We always provide professional support and we are recommended by clients from all over Poland - we invite you to enroll for courses in the Centre of Staff Development ERGON!