employee working on a heap loader

About the course

The training staff we employ will guide you quickly and easily through the maintenance loader course. You will be given the necessary and valuable information on how to become a maintenance operator. You will learn how to prepare for the UDT exam. The information you receive in the training course will help you to pass the tests and obtain your certification and maintenance licence. As well as a course on heap loaders, we also have training courses on the maintenance of conventional heap loaders and other machines in our range. 

How do we train?  

ERGON trains according to the standards of the Office of Technical Inspection. The position of heap-loader maintainer is characterised by highly responsible work. We pay attention to educating the trainees in terms of safe and effective work - the safety of the machine operator depends on the maintenance technician. That is why we have divided the classes into theoretical and practical parts. Here we will familiarise you with: 

  • maintenance plan for the machine, 
  • maintenance records - maintenance book, 
  • preparation for UTB technical supervision, 
  • TDT regulations, 
  • heap construction, 
  • safe operation of heaps, 
  • health and safety regulations. 

UDT conservator examination 

operator operating a heap loader

Completion of our training courses entitles the trainee to sit the state UDT examination. The trainees take a theoretical and a practical part. During the examination, their knowledge and skills are tested in relation to: machine construction, adherence to current health and safety rules, knowledge of the law, keeping records and maintenance books. A commission from the Office of Technical Inspection supervises the exam and issues valid maintenance certificates for the heap loaders. The documents are valid for 10 years and must be renewed regularly. 

Maintenance work on heap loaders 

Heap loader maintainers focus their work on detecting potential risks to the health and life of the operator. They carry out inspections of the equipment, looking for faults, damage and breakdowns. This is a significant part of machine safety. It is worthwhile for maintenance technicians to demonstrate manual and technical skills and to be meticulous in relation to the maintenance of technical records and the maintenance book. 

Useful functions of the heap loader 

Heap loaders are machines designed for heaping and loading. Heaping is another way of moving and storing materials. Its particular application is in open-cast mining. The machine works sub-level or over-level - it is self-propelled. The loading elements assist in the transfer from the stockpile to the transport vehicle using a conveyor.  

heap loader in operation

Where do we train? 

Our company has its training headquarters in the centre of Warsaw. In addition, for the convenience of our customers, we offer to carry out courses throughout Poland - on request. 

Conditions for students 

To take the UDT training and examination you must: 

  • be at least 18 years old, 
  • have at least a basic education, 
  • have a current medical examination. 

Other ERGON courses

We have extended the training offer with several proposals: 

  • maintainer of materials handling equipment, 
  • maintainer of equipment for the disabled, 
  • aerial work platform maintainer, 
  • mast platform operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • operator of suspended access platforms, 
  • aerial work platform operator, 
  • telescopic loader operator, 
  • freight lift operator, 
  • crane operator, 
  • HDS crane operator, 
  • scissor lift operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • UDT/TDT/WDT entitlements, 
  • operation of pressure equipment, 
  • TDT entitlements, 
  • UNO powers, 
  • UDT training, 
  • construction machinery operator, 
  • forklift operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • flange fitter, 
  • Forklift trucks - become qualified as an operator. 

Questions and answers

What does the UDT exam consist of?

The state UDT examination consists of a theoretical and a practical part, where the trainees demonstrate their knowledge of the machine and their manual skills in terms of driving and using the machine. The entire course is supervised by a commission appointed by the UDT. 

Do you run a course in dump truck maintenance?

Yes, as well as a course on heap loaders, we also have training courses on the maintenance of regular heap loaders, as well as other machines in our range. 

At a glance:

  • Course: mast climbing machines - operation
  • Ski lift operator course for the transfer of persons
  • Course for maintenance technicians of handling equipment with UDT exam
  • UDT certification for construction crane operators
  • Course in maintenance of aerial work platforms - permit from UDT