Specifics of health and safety training

lecturer in occupational health and safety training

Before starting work, every employee is required to take an initial course in occupational health and safety. It should be repeated periodically, at least once every 5 years. The obligation to undergo training in occupational health and safety also applies to employers and persons in charge of employees, who should broaden their knowledge of occupational risk assessment, factors that are harmful, hazardous, onerous for the working environment and accidents at work.  

Those in charge of employees include, but are not limited to:  

  • foremen,  
  • champions,  
  • heads of departments.  

For anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of occupational health and safety, our establishment has prepared an attractive range of courses that cover both the theoretical and practical parts within this field. 

trainees during health and safety training

Purpose of the course   

The intention of the course is for participants to gain knowledge and skills in: 

  • creating safe and healthy working conditions,  
  • protect workers from hazards that are related to their work, 
  • assessing the risks that may arise in work processes, 
  • risk assessment of hazards. 

Scope of the course 

The thematic scope of the health and safety course we conduct is broad. It primarily covers the subject of legal regulations in the field of: 

  • rights and obligations of employees, 
  • adolescent health protection,  
  • protecting the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women, 
  • preventive healthcare,  
  • health and safety at work. 

The rules of behaviour in case of danger, first aid and fire will also be an important part of the class. In addition, a thorough discussion of Article 212 of the Labour Code, which defines the duties of a group of employees, is also an important part of the instruction. It should also be mentioned that the course covers issues related to legal liability for failure to comply with health and safety obligations. 

Online courses  

occupational health and safety classes for managers

When the workshop takes place in an online format, the final exam is most often conducted in the form of a health and safety test. It consists of specialised questions that are formulated on the basis of the material discussed during the training. It is the quickest and at the same time the most effective way of testing the trainees' knowledge. Its advantage is undoubtedly time, as the results are obtained very quickly.  

The online health and safety exam can be repeated until a passing score is achieved. By achieving a set number of points in the online health and safety exam, the course is completed. Upon completion, each participant will receive a corresponding certificate.  

Who can provide health and safety training? 

A health and safety course designed for employers and those who manage employees should be conducted by specialised bodies that provide training in this field. These include: 

  • research establishments,  
  • practical or continuing education establishments,  
  • further education and training centres, 
  • research and development units, 
  • associations whose purpose is occupational health and safety activities.  

Legal requirements 

The obligation to undergo training in occupational health and safety is contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 27 July 2004 on training in occupational health and safety. According to this regulation, each periodic training course ends with an examination.  

theoretical part of health and safety training for employers

Training on occupational safety and health for groups should be organised in the form of a course, seminar or guided self-study and conducted on the basis of a detailed training programme, which is drawn up by the organiser. Appropriate teaching aids must be used during the course, such as films, information displays and whiteboards, among others. In the form of self-directed learning, the trainees should be provided with materials that enable them to assimilate the issues (e.g. legislation or scripts).  

We invite you to participate in our training courses! 

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