operation of a mobile crane

Our training centre addresses the course for the maintenance authorisation of mobile and mobile cranes to anyone wishing to broaden their professional competence or learn from scratch. 

Mobile and portable cranes, also known as handling cranes, are lifting devices used for loading, unloading and transporting goods. The popular abbreviation HDS (Hydraulic Truck Cranes) is the perfect answer to the needs of the construction industry. These devices are used, among others, to transport pallets, machinery, building materials, while their specialised versions (e.g. harvesters or forwards) are ideal for work on the maintenance of electricity grids or forestry crops. If you wish to use HDS equipment, be sure to take a look at our training offer and obtain your UDT certificate. 

Requirements for course participants  

Training in the maintenance of mobile and portable HDS cranes is available to candidates who meet certain criteria. 

Our courses can benefit those who: 

  • have a medical certificate indicating that they do not have any contraindications to the operation or maintenance of lifting equipment; 
  • are at least 18 years old; 
  • have a minimum of primary education; 
  • have paid for the course. 

Legal status of HDS crane training 

By virtue of the regulations implementing the Technical Supervision Act issued on 21 December 2020, all lifting equipment with a lifting capacity of more than 250 kg and a mechanical drive, is subject to complete technical supervision by the UDT. In practice, this means that owners of handling equipment are obliged to have the relevant authorisations to operate or maintain them, to register them, as well as to have their technical condition periodically inspected by UDT inspectors, within the deadlines set out in the Act. 

Employment opportunities in the maintenance profession

Today's economy is based on heavy transport and deliveries to individual customers. The ever-increasing demand for experts in the field of operation and maintenance means that there is a need in the market for people who have the necessary qualifications for the profession and are therefore ready and determined to work as operators and maintainers of HDS vehicles. The above-mentioned jobs offer specialists great financial opportunities. In addition to this, they are also very advantageous in terms of working hours, because as an HDS driver, among other things, you have fixed working hours, while the routes oblige you to spend your free time away from home. This is the ideal job for people who are not afraid of challenges and who want to gain guaranteed profits. By signing up for our HDS mobile and portable crane maintenance course, participants are comprehensively prepared for the UDT exam, after passing which they can take up a job using HDS cranes. In addition, at ERGON we also organise courses for operators of these machines.

Course outline 

HDS crane on the manoeuvring area

The training organised by our organisation brings together a detailed plan, the scope of which primarily includes: 

  • practical classes with an instructor; 
  • theoretical classes with a lecturer; 
  • online access to the learning materials we have created (e-learning); 
  • practical classes on cranes; 
  • comprehensive preparation for the state examination at the UDT. 

Detailed training programme for HDS cranes 

The training consists of factual lectures and practical exercises using equipment that has a registration certificate, as well as current UDT testing. The theoretical scope takes place stationary at our training unit, but it is possible to join it online, via a web browser, while staying anywhere in the world.  

The theoretical topics discussed during the course include: 

  • maintenance of HDS machines; 
  • the basics of the Labour Code as it relates to the rights and obligations of HDS crane maintainers; 
  • legal provisions on supervision in the DTC; 
  • specifics of the principles of operation, modernisation, servicing and construction of stationary, mobile and HDS cranes; 
  • basic health and safety regulations and the necessary skills to take appropriate action in the event of emergencies, emergency situations and the provision of pre-medical assistance. 

The practical scope of the training includes: 

  • full familiarisation of participants with UDT equipment;  
  • practical training in the operation and maintenance of HDS machines. 

The training course is followed by a certificate of completion, which, in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Education, forms the basis for participation in the UDT examination. 

mobile cranes prepared for maintenance

UDT certificate for HDS cranes 

The qualification is issued on the basis of the result of an examination, which is carried out after an application has been submitted on behalf of the trainees (by the training centre) to the institution which organises the inspection of substantive and practical skills. The qualification document for the operation or maintenance of mobile cranes and HDS is issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Period of validity of allowances 

The UDT certificate is valid domestically, throughout the European Union and also in countries with free trade conventions (e.g. Switzerland, Canada, USA). The document remains valid for 10 years after passing the exam.  

A maintenance licence for mobile and portable cranes will allow you to maintain: 

  • mobile cranes, so-called HDS (including those mounted on a truck); 
  • mobile cranes; 
  • stationary cranes. 

Competences acquired and shaped by direct contact with a background of qualified trainers in the field and the UDT certificate have a significant impact on facilitating the finding of a well-paid job as well as starting one's own business. 

Specifics of mobile cranes 

Mobile (reloading) cranes are cranes mounted at the rear of a vehicle on trucks or between the driver's cab and the box. These machines are used for loading on to the delivery truck and also for unloading the goods, depending on the customer's industry. In the case of so-called forestry cranes, there is the loading and unloading of timber. These cranes are commonly referred to as timber cranes.  

What makes our course different?  

HDS crane during practical exercise

The course we organise for the maintenance of mobile and portable cranes is conducted by professional staff, who fully prepare trainees for the state exam. As part of the training, state-of-the-art UDT machines are prepared for the participants, as well as educational materials that have been solidly developed by our trainers. We try to do everything possible to ensure that the student takes away as much valuable content as possible from our course. By gaining a qualification that enables you to maintain mobile cranes and HDS cranes, participants can open up new prospects on the labour market and obtain well-paid and rewarding employment. Our professional vocational courses are therefore an opportunity for self-development as well as better earnings. Our priority is to deliver effective courses that provide information in a way that is interesting and accessible to everyone.  

What will you learn in class? 

During our course, you will acquire the necessary practical skills and knowledge in the field of maintenance of HDS machines, which are subject to the supervision of the Technical Inspection Office, and which are required in order to properly carry out the occupation of a maintenance technician of material handling equipment. You will also become familiar with the construction of a crane and all the activities which are carried out when working with mobile, portable and stationary cranes, both before and after working with one of these machines. We will also introduce you to the basic knowledge of legislation, regulations and health and safety rules applicable to working with handling machinery. By enrolling in the refresher courses, you will also receive knowledge of warning, signalling, safety equipment and technical supervision conditions. In the practical part of the course, you will learn, among other things, how to diagnose equipment safely.

What do we offer in relation to the training? 

  • First of all professionalismas all the necessary knowledge of appliance maintenance will be passed on to you by qualified experts in the field; 
  • Complexityas we will take care of all aspects of your training, both practical and theoretical, so that you take your exam fully prepared;  
  • Learning materials in the form of e-learning, including maintenance operations, technical supervision, machine construction, health and safety regulations and basic legal acts and regulations, to which you will be given appropriate access; 
  • Emphasis on gaining experienceas we well know that "practice makes perfect", which is why we place great emphasis on the acquisition of valuable skills on the basis of classes conducted using our plant's modern machinery; 
  • A database of sample exam questions we are developingwhich are based on the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. 
maintainer of mobile cranes in operation

Individual approach to the student 

Our offer of group courses also extends to individual training courses throughout the country, as well as personalised programmes on behalf of companies and establishments wishing to further train their employees. Our prices are very competitive and set individually depending on the form of order chosen. There is no doubt that the above aspects make it possible for every interested party to find an individual course cost allocation. Should you be interested in an individual selection of the form of training and the approach to the offer, please call our Centre. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Questions and answers

What forms of course do you offer?

We offer group courses and individual training throughout the country, as well as customised programmes for companies and establishments wishing to further train their employees. 

What is the cost of training?

Our prices are very competitive and set individually depending on the form of order chosen. 

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