warehouse stacker crane at work

About the course  

We would like to invite you to take part in a course for the maintenance of warehouse stacker cranes. Our qualified staff will do their best to ensure that the knowledge you acquire during the course is sufficient for you to pass the final examination. 

Scope of training

The course is divided into two parts:

  • theoretical - in the form of lectures at our premises or in an online version on a training platform,
  • practical - involves learning about the machine and its proper maintenance under the guidance of our instructors.

Both parts prepare the trainee for the examination to be taken before a board appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. 


Once the course has been completed, we will apply on your behalf to the Office of Technical Inspection for an examination date. If you pass the exam, a qualification certificate will be issued, entitling you to maintain the equipment (UDT certificate). 

warehouse stacker crane in operation

Course topics

Topics covered during the course: 

  • working with the control panel,  
  • checking the technical condition of the equipment,  
  • stacker crane maintenance duties, 
  • general principles of health and safety, 
  • classification and subdivision of stacker cranes, 
  • capacity characteristics,  
  • general information on cranes,  
  • safety devices,  
  • construction of storage stacker cranes,  
  • activities before, during and after work.  

Qualifications obtained

After passing the UDT exam, trainees receive a qualification certificate authorising them to maintain warehouse stacker cranes. The validity of this qualification is 10 years, with the possibility of renewal. 


To participate in the course, you must: 

  • be at least 18 years old; 
  • at least primary education; 
  • general good health, as evidenced by a medical certificate.   

Specific features of the stacker cranes

Warehouse stacker cranes are devices that automatically retrieve and transport loads. They place goods on so-called installation racks. These stacker cranes can operate in 3 modes:  

  • manual mode - used during maintenance and repair work; the operator controls the stacker crane from the cabin, using manual mechanisms,   
  • semi-automatic mode - the operator controls via a computer in the corridor, 
  • automatic mode - the most frequently chosen mode. The operator directs the machine with the help of the management system and the stacker crane receives the commands, as it is equipped with a microprocessor. 

What does the training price include?

stacker cranes in storage operation

In the course price we provide:  

  • training materials, 
  • theoretical classes (lecture), 
  • Practical classes (working with the equipment on site). 

Training venue  

At ERGON, we organise courses in our training centres located throughout Poland, including Warsaw. In addition, as part of closed-door training courses aimed at organised groups, we offer the option to travel to the premises of the course client.   

Why should you choose ERGON? 

  • We offer attractive prices and discounts for companies.  
  • We strive to take an individual approach to each student.  
  • We offer high-quality training aids.  
  • We have many years of experience in running courses.  

We invite you to sign up!

Questions and answers

How long are the authorisations for cranes valid?

The entitlement is valid for a period of 10 years after which time it must be renewed by means of a special application.  

How long does a warehouse stacker crane maintenance course take?

The duration of the course depends on the number of people, but it usually takes up to several days.  

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