harvester during forestry workMobile and portable cranes, otherwise known as handling cranes, are lifting devices attached to a truck, used for loading and unloading and transporting goods. The most popular of these, HDS, or hydraulic cranes, are great for transporting building materials or machinery. There are also special versions of HDS cranes, these are harvesters and forwards, mostly used for forestry work or the maintenance of electricity grids.

Training in the use of cranes

In order to obtain a licence and be able to work with cranes, whether you want to be an operator or a maintainer, you need to take an exam before the UDT commission. Beforehand, however, it is advisable to undergo theoretical and practical training to prepare for this. Our centre organises courses and helps with the subsequent formalities involved in enrolling and then receiving the relevant documents.

The theoretical training plan is as follows:

  • Technical data on cranes, their construction and operation,
  • Legal information on UDT and the Labour Code,
  • operator's duties: proper handling of the machine,
  • prevention of accidents and dangerous situations,
  • health and safety regulations in both positions.

In addition, the theory of maintenance training includes:

  • maintenance of mobile cranes discussion of technical documentation,
  • duties and rights of the conservator,
  • action in the event of faults, breakdowns and after machine accidents,
  • maintenance plan,
  • issues related to oils, lubricants and their proper use,
  • operation and cleaning principles.

The practical part, on the other hand (which follows the completion of theory), includes:

  • discussion of crane specifications,
  • Preparing to work with the machine, steps required before starting work,
  • learning to operate,

 Requirements for candidates:

  • at least 18 years of age,
  • minimum basic education,
  • no health contraindications.

After completing the course, the participant takes the UDT exam which also consists of two stages, theory and practical. It is possible to take the practical exam after successfully passing the theoretical exam. A positive result in both parts equals a certificate valid for 10 years throughout the European Union. With the UDT certificate you can work abroad in Europe as well as in the USA, Canada and Switzerland.
Remember that you can renew your entitlements if necessary. In order to do so, you must submit an application for renewal to the DPA at least three months before they expire. The prerequisite is that you have practised your profession for a minimum of three years within the five years of the validity of your licence.

maintenance of mobile cranes Why is it worth it?

Both maintainers and operators are specialists needed in the market not only in Poland, but also abroad. They are professions that will always be needed and well paid. In addition, you can make a qualification for yourself in order to reduce the financial outlay involved in sending a machine for servicing. Having a qualification gives you many opportunities and it is only up to you how to use them. Our experienced staff will do their best to ensure that the knowledge and skills you gain are of the highest standard, so that you can get a well-paid job.

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Questions and answers

What are mobile cranes?

Otherwise known as reloaders, these are crane machines attached to a truck for loading, unloading and transporting goods.

How long are the entitlements valid?

The licences are issued for a period of 10 years, with the possibility of renewal. All you have to do is meet the relevant conditions, i.e.: you have to submit an appropriate application and have worked as an operator or maintainer for a certain period of time.

Where can you work while qualified?

The certificate issued by the UDT is valid in Poland and throughout the European Union, as well as in the USA, Canada and Switzerland.

What are harvesters and forwards?

These are special types of cranes used in forestry work or for the maintenance of electrical networks. 

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