Aerial work platforms - a popular type of vehicle mounted mobile platformsAerial work platform operators are specialists sought after in many sectors. The so-called boom lifts are mainly associated with the construction industry, but their use is much wider: they are used for maintenance repair work, installation and repair of lighting, window and facade cleaning services or demolition work. Taking a course in operating mobile platforms and acquiring the necessary qualifications from the Office of Technical Inspection is an investment that can pay off after just one month of work. Thanks to training programmes carefully selected to meet the needs of participants, both the less and the more experienced ones, we ensure a high pass rate for UDT exams.

Advanced training course (aerial work platforms) - details

What you can learn in the classes

Our instructors prepare a syllabus based on the UDT examination requirements. Training takes place in two parts: in the form of lectures and then practical classes. It is also possible to participate in theoretical classes online, conducted live on our platform.

  • Theoretical training: participants learn about the structure of aerial work platforms: working platform, control system, jib, how to use the equipment safely, safety and technical supervision regulations.
  • Practical training: takes place on a manoeuvring area, access to the equipment and safety equipment is provided by the Centre. Course participants have the opportunity to practice operating the equipment on their own, learn how to start work, how to properly select the equipment for the task at hand. We attach great importance to the principles of safe boom lift operation, so as to minimise the risk of subsequent occupational accidents.

What is the duration of the training

The number of hours depends on the needs of the participants. Already at the time of signing up for the course we conduct an interview with the customer, which allows us to determine their experience and skills. On this basis, we offer a course with the full range of material or a shortened version for those who only want to supplement or refresh their knowledge. Approximate duration is from 8 to 35 hours.

Classes for individuals and companies

The trainings are organised in an open version (dates and place of classes can be found on our website). They are open to all interested persons who meet the following basic requirements: age over 18, at least primary education and no health contraindications confirmed by a medical certificate.

For employers who wish to train a larger number of employees, we offer the organisation of closed courses. Their place, date, duration and scope are agreed directly with the client.

An aerial work platform is a self-propelled platform with an arm mounted on a truckMobile lifts course - price

We provide information on the cost of attending classes to clients who contact us to register. This is only possible at this stage as the price depends on a number of factors, including the number of hours of tuition the customer requires, the date of the course and the number of places available.

Location of classes

We organise aerial lift courses in Warsaw and other large cities. At the request of business clients, we can also travel to a specified location in Poland. Courses on aerial work platforms in Warsaw take place in the Centre's office with access to a manoeuvre site.

UDT exam and authorisations

An examination is scheduled after the course has been completed. The UDT grants authorisations for boom lifts to those who score a sufficient number of points on the theoretical and practical exam. We cooperate with the Office in terms of exam organization: we register participants, adjust training dates to shorten the time of waiting for the exam, and the verification of qualifications by UDT inspectors (from Warsaw or its branches in Poland) takes place in our Centre.

The certification granted by the UDT should be issued within 7 working days, in some cases this may take up to 30 days. With a certificate of qualification as an aerial work platforms operator, you can work on any equipment throughout the country. The licence (or a completed training course if there is no national regulation) can also be accepted abroad, depending on the country's regulations.