In our ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement You can take advantage of professional courses giving qualifications in mobile platforms (ski lifts), including basket lifts and scissor lifts, as well as self-propelled, mobile and transportable and stationary platforms.

Our classes meet the current requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and prepare participants to take the exam and work as operators of the above mentioned equipment.

Courses for mobile platforms It is aimed at all interested persons who wish to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in the operation of such equipment. It is a future-oriented investment, as the UDT licence is unlimited in time and allows you to apply for a job as an operator not only in Poland, but also abroad.

We offer classes in accordance with the UDT categories:

  • I P - mobile models: slow-moving, mobile, self-propelled
  • II P - pendant, mast and stationary models

Our UDT training The training consists of a theoretical and practical part and is completed with an examination before a commission. After passing the exam, the participant receives a qualification certificate confirming the acquired qualifications. We cooperate with the Office of Technical Inspection in Warsaw, as well as with other branches throughout Poland.

During the classes, issues such as:

  • types of equipment and construction
  • the steps to be taken by the operator before, during and after work
  • knowledge of technical supervision
  • Health and safety when operating equipment

After the theoretical part, participants take part in practical handling exercises.

To register for classes you must have:

  • at least 18 years old
  • at least a basic education
  • no contraindication to work in the post, certified by a duly authorised doctor

Please check the current dates of our training courses - they can be found on our website. Should you have any further questions, we are at your service.