Due to our many years of experience in servicing workshop machinery, we are fully aware of the baggage of responsibility we assume for the proper operation of machines entrusted to our service. Our professionals have the relevant technical maintenance qualifications issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. In addition, we provide our specialists with periodic courses, during which they continuously expand their knowledge and skills.

Training of our service technicians takes place in both Polish and European companies. This ensures that our employees have access to the latest technology. Health and safety courses are particularly important to us, as only regular machine maintenance minimises the risk of accidents in the workshop. During our many years of activity, we have opened a one-off service as well as permanent cooperation with customers who are satisfied with the services we offer. We provide maintenance assistance at the time of periodic examinations and UDT registration examinations, while our speciality is maintenance inspections of vehicle lifts. 

plant employee during maintenance diagnostics

What makes us the industry leader in the region? 

  • reliable customer service; 
  • experienced engineers; 
  • attention to detail; 
  • top-quality equipment and materials. 

One hundred per cent efficiency and passing the quality test of the customer's plant machinery is our priority. For many years, we have been diligently rectifying all breakdowns of forklift trucks and lifting equipment and preventing potentially new faults from occurring. Our team makes every effort to ensure that your staff can carry out their routine duties without any disruption.  

What do we offer?

We are able to guarantee our clients a comprehensive service in terms of the repair and maintenance measures available on the market: from registration with the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), through diagnostics and technical testing, to troubleshooting and possible upgrades or conversions.

Our offer includes: 

  • periodic servicing, maintenance diagnosis and repair of machinery (e.g. vehicle jacks, fitters, exhaust gas analysers, balancing machines and other equipment for vehicle inspection and service stations); 
  • operation of diagnostic equipment (e.g. retarders, light control equipment or diagnostic lines); 
  • periodic servicing of scissor lifts and basket lifts and other equipment which are an integral part of the workshop equipment; 
  • diagnostics of equipment that equip vehicle inspection stations (primarily noise instruments, exhaust gas analysers and pressure measuring and control instruments); 
  • support for crane registration and periodic examinations by the Office of Technical Inspection. 
machine undergoing stationary repair

We are authorised by the UDT for comprehensive repair and maintenance: 

  • hoists and winches; 
  • forklift trucks; 
  • cranes and hoists; 
  • mobile platforms; 
  • cranes (mobile, stationary, fixed, rail-mounted, portable and mobile); 
  • cranes; 
  • lifts (vehicle, basket and scissor lifts).  

Repair of cranes - mileage 

On receipt of a report concerning a defect or breakdown of the machine, we set the earliest possible date for a visual inspection at the crane's place of operation. On the agreed date, our employee inspects the technical condition of the machine. It often happens that already during the first visit, he specifies the estimated costs of crane repair, proposed solutions and the expected time of service. The details of the repair process depend mainly on the availability of the required parts and the type of fault that has occurred. In the case of components that are difficult to access, our company is able to offer to make them in our factory from scratch. 

Crane maintenance - progress  

Regular maintenance and servicing is a legal obligation, but is also the best way to prevent breakdowns. Such maintenance can only be carried out by qualified personnel who are authorised by the UDT. The day-to-day tasks of the service technician include carrying out the work efficiently and with the greatest possible care for the safety of the customer's employees, as well as his own. If you are looking for a fast and comprehensive service, we invite you to make use of our services. 

How do I register a vehicle hoist with the UDT?  

In order to register a hoist at the district branch of the UDT, an application prepared on the basis of the statutory requirements must be submitted to the facility in duplicate. Workshop owners should be aware that old hoists which do not meet the safety requirements cannot be used. Otherwise they must bear legal responsibility in the event of an accident. 

maintenance workers in the storage hall

According to the Machinery Directive, jacks placed on the EU market for the first time should have: 

  • EC declaration of conformity; 
  • CE marking. 

What should be included in the declaration? 

  • compliance of the product with the directive; 
  • the name of the notified body confirming this conformity; 
  • the number of the type-examination certificate (where agreed by the manufacturer with the notifying body). 

With your needs in mind, we are happy to offer our assistance during all formalities - technical supervision of the client's equipment, as well as in preparing it for acceptance and registration with the Office of Technical Inspection. We will also prepare the technical documentation for the cranes without any problems. 

We look forward to working with you, we are at your service! 

Questions and answers

What is your company's specialisation?

We provide maintenance assistance at the time of periodic and UDT registration examinations, while our speciality is maintenance inspections of vehicle lifts.

How do I register a vehicle hoist with the UDT?

In order to register a technical device, an application for a change in the data of a crane subject to technical supervision or an examination of the operator should be submitted to the branch of the UDT. The application in Polish should be accompanied by two sets of machine documentation for each of the notified devices. Our company comprehensively helps clients prepare such documentation. 

At a glance:

  • Telescopic loader diagnostics and repair
  • Comprehensive repair of hoists and winches
  • HDS handling crane service
  • Overhead cranes - repair and maintenance
  • Service and repair of forklift trucks