For drivers transporting dangerous goods and having basic authorizations the ERGON Centre of Staff Training has prepared a specialized course. This ADR course is designed for transport of dangerous goods in tanks, explosives and radioactive materials. The course ends with an exam, a positive result of which confers an ADR license. The participant must correctly answer at least 12 questions out of 18 for the tank courses or 10 out of 15 for the class 1 and class 7 courses.

The courses we offer are:

  • Specific course for tankers - concerns the carriage of dangerous goods by road in vehicles fitted with tankers. Covers such topics as: regulations and specific requirements for using the vehicle and vehicle behaviour on the road, rules for marking tanks and displaying warning labels on the basis of the vehicle's authorisation to transport dangerous goods
  • Specialised course Class 1 - This course covers the carriage of explosive articles and materials by road. It covers subjects such as: the dangers involved in the carriage of explosives, including pyrotechnics, and the provisions for packaging and joint loading of class 1 material
  • specialist course class 7 - concerns the carriage of radioactive material by road. It includes topics such as: the dangers of transporting radioactive material, regulations for packaging, joint loading and handling and storage of such material, necessary safety measures in the event of accidents with radioactive material

Requirements for the ADR specialised course:

  • at least 21 years old
  • completed basic ADR course
  • compliance with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act and the Road Transport Act

In our centre, ADR specialist courses are taught by experienced instructors and lecturers. We provide participants with helpful training materials and tests to make it easier to pass the exam and obtain a licence.

We invite you to choose our offer!