List of prohibited activities when working with overhead cranes

Compliance with health and safety regulations when operating an overhead crane can reduce the risk of accidents at work. This topic is addressed by every crane course. Without taking a course and passing an exam, it is not possible to operate an overhead crane - this is only possible if you have the correct UDT authorisations.

Among the prohibited activities when working with an overhead crane, you must not:

  • use a device that is defective or without a valid decision from the Office of Technical Inspection or the Technical and Propulsion Board authorising its operation
  • lift loads that are beyond the reach of governance
  • lift loads that are heavier than the maximum permissible load as this may cause an immediate danger to the life or health of the operator or others
  • pull loads diagonally
  • lift those loads and objects which are fixed to the ground, for example bolted, welded, frozen in winter
  • leave the load on the clamping device without hanging it
  • drive or run over safety connectors with the trolley, towing vehicle or bridge
  • transfer loads directly over work stations or other persons
  • work after consumption of alcohol, intoxicating substances and drugs which impair mental and physical performance
  • carry out maintenance work during operation, such as lubricating and cleaning the unit
  • carry out repair or adjustment work without being qualified to do so
  • use non-matching or damaged slings
  • use overload protection when weighing loads
  • use the cable string as an element for lifting loads

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