Finding a job without proper education is sometimes demanding. This is why many people who are unemployed or looking for well-paid jobs choose additional vocational courses, which allow them to acquire new competences in sometimes completely different areas.

Qualified employees are a company's greatest resource, but it is often quite difficult to find people with the right training when recruiting. Therefore, at the same time, many companies decide to send their employees for training, which is also a good investment in the development of the company, which can then expand its activities, compete more effectively with the competition and achieve better profits.

Professional support for companies
At the Centre for Staff Training ERGON We offer a wide range of vocational courses that allow you to quickly obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and authorisations that are required for many jobs, for example for drivers, diagnosticians or machine operators. Our courses are always based on the latest legislation and requirements for employees, so once you have completed them and passed the exam, getting a job will be even easier.

For both companies and individuals seeking employment, improving qualifications is crucial. The constantly changing requirements of the labour market and the economy, as well as increasing competition, make training increasingly valuable. W ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement We are well aware of this, which is why we are constantly expanding our range and ensuring its high quality.

We also provide affordable training services for both individual clients who are not referred by their employers and for closed groups, where we also guarantee attractive discounts.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our training services, we are always available. Please contact us for information about the courses you are interested in.