To operate a central heating boiler, you need to be qualified. In our training centre, we will easily teach you everything you need to successfully pass the exam. From theory and practice to taking the exam, you can count on our continuous support.

What does a central heating boiler burner do?

What will you do as a cooker burner?A boiler burner is a person who operates central heating boilers providing heat, hot water and process steam for the use of various industrial facilities and buildings. In the course of his work, he operates the flue gas cleaning and flue gas discharge equipment and constantly checks the continuous technical operation of the boilers and the control, measuring, auxiliary and safety equipment. He inspects and notes the control and measurement equipment and monitors the technological process. He controls and checks the process of firing and operation of central heating boilers and the operation of various fuel supply systems, supervises pressure, gauges and temperature of air flow and control and measuring equipment. The place of work of the central heating boiler burner is, as you can guess, the boiler room. In the work of a stoker one can distinguish two primary positions: gas central heating boiler stoker, he operates boilers heated by gaseous fuels (natural gas, biogas, propane and butane) or central heating boiler stoker with water grates, he operates boilers heated by solid fuels.

What can you expect on the course?

Courses in our Training Centre for CH boiler operators take place in a stationary form or online in the form of lectures and end with an examination before a commission appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office. Authorizations issued for boiler operators are valid for 5 years, after which they have to be reactivated.

In training, our programme and the concepts discussed include:

  • legal provisions - a selection of issues,
  • regulations on technical supervision,
  • organising work with thermal equipment,
  • occupational tasks of a CO
  • thermal technology - a selection of issues,
  • fittings and other materials,
  • reading schematic diagrams/design documentation of the CH boiler plant,
  • the importance of water in district heating,
  • knowledge of steam and water boilers,
  • the use of particular types of boilers,
  • networks and installations in the heating industry,
  • steam and hot water equipment,
  • fuels: solid and liquid, instrumentation for control and measurement purposes,
  • Occupational health and safety and the equipment and installations used in the heating industry, occupational health and safety and the tasks of a central heating engineer, occupational health and safety regulations, first aid pre-treatment.

Who can take part in the courses?

Any adult with a minimum of elementary education can participate in the training.

Why invest in training?

The course in central heating stokers is indispensable in order for an employee to be able to prevent all given risks and to be able to carry out assigned tasks with care for the health and life of others and himself. During the course, the future burner will learn to automatically operate fired boilers to produce steam that supplies heat or energy to buildings or industrial facilities. They will also learn how to light gas and oil burners with the right igniter. The trainee will learn what a pulverizer is and how to monitor the pressure, gauges and airflow temperature displayed on the control or measuring board so as to be able to regulate the operation of the automatic combustion control system in good time. The course covers these and several other concepts related to the profession.

Course price.

Compared to other companies, the price with us is very attractive because we always make sure that our price list is transparent. We are open to negotiation and in the case of groups we grant profitable discounts.

What does a course at our centre look like?Where do we provide training?

Classes are held in our branches across the country, but we also organise open classes for closed groups with travel to the client. Courses are held according to the current information on our website. The main objective of our company is to provide our clients with a first-class training service. Qualified methodologists and other people with many years of practice take care of the quality of education and the best possible satisfaction in all our facilities, which are located in Warsaw and other regions of Poland. But for you we go the extra mile, we are mobile and also organise closed-door training.

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