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In our ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement You can enrol on a professional ADR adviser course or make use of our advisory services. An experienced ADR adviser (DGSA adviser) will be able to help you in cases where the provisions of the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act and the European ADR agreement apply.

According to the regulations, an entrepreneur who carries out road transport services of dangerous goods, loading, unloading and other works, is obliged to open a position such as ADR advisor (or DGSA advisor). The entrepreneur is required to pay for an advisor course for an employee or to accept or start working with an employee who has the necessary DGSA qualification.

Our ADR advisor provides you with a comprehensive advisory service concerning:

  • transport of dangerous goods
  • classification of dangerous goods
  • identify DGSA requirements for working with dangerous goods - transport, loading, unloading, filling and others
  • preparation of documentation - annual reports, accident reports, assessments of compliance with the rules
  • organising activities such as the DGSA course for employees

For companies wishing to recruit an employee for the position of DGSA adviser, we have prepared a training offer. Thanks to it, an employee can obtain the necessary qualifications to work as a DGSA advisor (ADR advisor).

We have many years of experience within ADR - we work with experts in the field and have been providing our clients with a full training and consultancy service for years. We have all the necessary qualifications that entitle us to provide ADR consultancy and training services. We always offer expert advice and support. We organise training for clients at our premises or at any chosen location for groups - we are able to tailor the training in terms of extended subject matter to your needs.

Take a DGSA course or use our consultancy services!

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  • Examination for UDT licences
  • Price list
  • Training
  • TDT course for UNO operation