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About the course at ERGON

We provide comprehensive training for the operator and maintenance licence of tower and high-speed cranes. We offer theoretical and practical classes, which will allow the trainees to efficiently assimilate the information discussed. During lectures, we use multimedia presentations and instructional videos, which make remembering information much easier and faster. We conduct training courses for both individuals and organised groups. Please see below for a detailed course programme. 

Candidate profile 

In order to participate in our course to become an operator or maintainer of tower cranes and high-speed cranes, you need to fulfil several conditions. The trainee should:

  • be of legal age,
  • not have any health contraindications to work as an operator or maintenance person,
  • have a minimum of primary education. 

Course for tower and high-speed crane operators 

On the course for tower and high-speed crane operator certification, you will learn information on, among other things: 

  • handling machinery, 
  • technical supervision, 
  • types of individual cranes, 
  • construction and operation of tower and high-speed cranes, 
  • safe use of cranes, 
  • crane transport and assembly methods, 
  • The work and responsibilities of a tower and high-speed crane operator, 
  • to carry out checks before and after work, 
  • safety features in cranes, 
  • possible risks to health and life in the operator's workplace, 
  • responding to dangerous situations, 
  • health, safety and hygiene regulations. 

The second part of the training consists entirely of practical classes on tower and high-speed cranes. The trainees learn the correct operation, control and steering of these machines. They also have the opportunity to steer the crane themselves and carry out the various operator tasks. All of the participants' activities are supervised by qualified instructors who, if necessary, will suggest and explain exactly how to perform specific tasks. 

Course for the maintenance of tower and high-speed cranes 

operation of tower cranes

If you would like to be involved in the maintenance of tower and high-speed cranes in the future, come along to our training course, which will fully prepare you for the profession. Topics covered include: 

  • technical supervision news, 
  • Construction of tower and high-speed cranes and their systems, 
  • individual parts of the cranes, 
  • types of slings, 
  • conservationist duties, 
  • individual maintenance operations, 
  • carrying out inspections of tower and high-speed cranes, 
  • types of protection, warning and signalling devices, 
  • Health, Safety and Security. 

After acquiring theoretical knowledge, the trainees take part in exercises. These involve inspecting tower and high-speed cranes themselves, as well as carrying out other maintenance tasks. The instructors are available to provide support and guidance on the tasks to be carried out and answer any questions that the participants may have. 

Obtaining rights 

After completing the theoretical and practical parts of the training, participants take a state exam, consisting of a test and a practice part. First, participants solve a test consisting of closed questions, and then they have to perform a specific task related to the topic of the training they attended - the operation or maintenance of tower and high-speed cranes. The entire exam is supervised by a committee appointed on behalf of the Office of Technical Inspection. After successfully passing both parts of the exam, the participant is awarded a licence allowing him/her to work as an operator or maintainer. The necessary documents are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection and the licence is valid for 5 years both nationally and within the European Union. 

When the licence expires, all you have to do is fill in and submit a special application to the Technical Inspection Authority for the renewal of the licence. It is not necessary to take the training again or to pass the examination. 

Training staff 

high-speed crane for load lifting

Both theoretical and practical classes are taught by qualified specialists - lecturers and instructors. They have the necessary qualifications to convey the necessary knowledge about the individual machines to the trainees in as simple and comprehensible a manner as possible. In order to further illustrate the topics discussed, the trainers use original multimedia presentations and educational and instructional films. In addition, they are happy to answer questions and queries that sometimes arise. Our training staff undergo regular training so that they can pass on up-to-date knowledge of industry updates, changes in the law and the characteristics of operator and maintenance work.  

Our other training courses 

We provide specialised courses for the operator and maintenance licence of all types of cranes (stationary, mobile and portable, self-propelled - cranes, rail, deck, rail and on rail vehicles and floating cranes). We also train for the operation and maintenance of, among others, forklift trucks, mobile platforms (including aerial work platforms and scissor lifts), telescopic handlers, storage stackers, overhead cranes and other UDT machines. In addition, we provide training in occupational health and safety and fire safety, both initial and periodic, for individuals and organised groups.  

We also offer the following services: 

  • maintenance, 
  • modernisation, 
  • mobile and stationary service for machinery such as mobile platforms (aerial work platforms and scissor lifts), cranes, telehandlers and forklift trucks, 
  • audit, 
  • reviews, 
  • a service to check the machine before purchase, 
  • machine hire service (forklift or scissor lift), 
  • sale of new and used machinery. 

Questions and answers

Do I need a driving licence to become a tower crane operator?

No. All we require of candidates for our tower and high-speed crane operator and maintenance courses is to be of legal age, in good health and have at least an elementary school education. 

Do tower crane courses include first aid training?

Yes. The training programme for tower and high-speed crane operators and maintainers includes occupational health and safety classes. This is when trainees learn the principles of first aid and how to respond in the event of a health and life threatening incident. 

Who issues the operator and maintenance licence for tower cranes?

Authorisations for the operator and maintainer of tower and high-speed cranes are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. They are valid for 5 years throughout Poland. 

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