Scaffold workerAre you thinking of working on scaffolding or other structures used for work at height? Would you like to brush up on your skills and acquire the relevant qualifications? Centre for the Development of Human Resources ERGON This is what building access training enables you to do. With us, you can be sure to learn all the essentials in both theory and practice. Climbing work requires increased safety measures, which is why a course in this area is so necessary.

Our features

What sets our centre apart from the competition? We are trusted by many companies specialising in the use of equipment that requires certification. Our instructors are knowledgeable individuals with years of experience in the industry. Classes are conducted in a way that engages the trainees. This also ensures that trainees remember the theoretical issues better and are able to apply them in practice. We use materials that we also make available to our trainees so that they can refer to them at home. We use modern equipment in our training rooms and for practical exercises. All this translates into success for our students on the exam!

Who can use it?

A mountaineering licence for construction access will be necessary for workers who move on ladders, platforms, hoists or scaffolding. Also, the course will be useful for those working on trusses and masts. Such people are usually involved in the construction and roofing industry, but not exclusively. If you work or are just about to start working in industries such as photovoltaics, telecommunications, electrical engineering or installing mobile network installations, you will definitely find yourself in this field.

How do I start the course?

Several requirements must be met in order to take the training course. The most important is that there are no health contraindications that could exclude a potential trainee from working at height. A medical examination will be helpful in this case. These will make the course enrolment process easier. The participant must also be at least eighteen years of age and have at least an elementary school education. If all the requirements are met, you can enrol on the course.

Person in a harness


In our classes, we cover both theoretical and practical issues. As a result, students learn about all topics in full. Topics include learning about the legal standards for health and safety at work. Also discussed are the selection of equipment and its control, as well as the characteristics of the work. In addition, participants learn what the fall rate is, what personal protective equipment is, and how to transport materials and tools. An important issue is belaying and learning techniques for rescue. Learning about fall prevention is also one of the topics covered in the class. The range of topics can be adapted to your needs in the case of closed training, for workplaces.

Questions and answers

We will now try to answer the questions that most frequently bother our prospective students.

For how long is the qualification certificate valid?The entitlements obtained after the course are valid for three years.
I have not passed the exam. Will I be qualified?Passing the examination in front of the board is a requirement for obtaining the licence, so a negative result will result in the lack of the licence.
Is it possible to do a course just on using ropes?If you do not use scaffolding and other such structures at your workplace, you should receive training in rope access, not construction.
My mountaineering qualifications are running out. How do I renew them?You must take a refresher course in the relevant category and retake the examination.
A medical examination has shown me to have health contraindications. Can I still take part in the course?For health safety reasons, people with contraindications cannot participate in the training.

We hope that these answers will clear up many doubts in those interested in attending the course.

Course dates

The schedule of the various training courses we run is available on our website. We would like to point out that location is a significant factor when selecting a date, as we run these courses on different days at our branches. If you would like to organise a training course on your premises, this is possible - just contact us by phone or email and we will provide you with suitable dates.

Building access training

How much does it cost?

We guarantee that the price of mountaineering training at the ERGON Centre is competitive. We have favourable discounts for you and allow for negotiations. Due to the different number of participants and the possibility to adapt the curriculum, the cost of the course is set individually with each client. Please send us your enquiry by e-mail or call us for details. We will respond as quickly as possible. Once you have outlined your specific requirements, we will endeavour to provide you with an initial quotation.

Safety first

When working at height, it is essential to take appropriate safety precautions. It is important to remember that any oversight, even a minor one, can lead to tragedy. A fall from a great height can result in permanent damage to health. There are also many fatalities, so risks at the workplace are absolutely not advisable. The employer should ensure the safety of his subordinates and provide them with the means to do so. In addition to work clothes, employees must be trained and this is what our centre makes possible.

With us, you can rest assured that you will pass the exam and receive the relevant authorisation to work at height. We invite you to mountaineering training from building access to the ERGON Centre for Staff Development! Contact us via our phone number or email address - these are listed on our website.