At our centre, we organise health and safety training not only for newly recruited employees! According to current legislation, every person taking up a job in a company is obliged to undergo this training. Furthermore, it must be renewed after a certain period of time depending on the position. We offer attractive prices and the best experts in their field. If you want to keep your company's accident statistics low, don't neglect health and safety (H&S) training. They happen in every workplace, not just in hazardous occupations. Taking care of the health and lives of employees is one of the basic duties of an employer and he should do everything in his power to prevent them. The awareness and sense of responsibility of employees after learning makes them knowledgeable about how to act at work and reduce the risk of hazards. Thanks to our centre, you and your employees will be able to do your job safely. Occupational health and safety refers to the totality of standards relating to working conditions. The rules for compliance with these rules are standardised in the Labour Code, which are controlled by the State Labour Inspectorate.

participants at the health and safety training course

What health and safety training is on offer?

We provide two types of health and safety training:

  • training preliminarywhich must be carried out on the first day before starting work in a new company. Its purpose is to familiarise the employee with the work and safety rules and regulations of the company. This will allow them to avoid endangering their own or others' life or health in the future. It is the duty of the employer to provide it to everyone who is newly employed in the company. Training must be provided to both contracted employees and those on work experience or student placements.
  • periodic trainingPeriodic training is carried out during the period of employment so that the employee can continue to perform the duties of his or her position. Periodic training is intended to remind and structure the knowledge already acquired and to introduce new organisational and technical solutions. Depending on the type of work performed, the frequency of training is determined. Employers should hold their first training within the first six months of starting work.

The next of these must take place at least once per:

  • year, for particularly hazardous work by workers
  • 3 years, for other manual positions
  • 5 years, for non-manual positions
  • 6 years, in clerical and administrative staff

As part of the initial health and safety training, we also perform:

  • general instruction is to familiarise the newly recruited employee with the principles of first aid. Health and safety regulations that are contained in the regulations or the Labour Code must also be presented to the employee. The person who receives the training receives a health and safety card. It is worth noting that its duration must not be less than 90 minutes.
  • job briefingThe training must be given by a supervisor, whose task is to explain how to do the job safely. Instruction must not be shorter than 6 hours and is provided by a supervisor. The initial training card for health and safety at work is proof of the training received.

You will also receive a certificate of completion after successfully passing a final exam to test your knowledge. The examination is conducted by the organiser. Health and safety training must always take place at the employer's expense and during work and can be carried out by:

  • safety officer - in establishments with at least 100 employees. The employer is obliged to establish a safety and health service. In this case, instruction may be given by an employee of such a service
  • employer
  • an employee designated by the employer who holds a certificate of completion of health and safety training

What is the price of the course?

We always ensure that our prices are affordable. They depend primarily on the number of participants in the classes. The higher the number, the more attractive the discount we can offer. You can check the price list by visiting our website or by contacting us directly. We are always happy to answer your questions!

Where does the training take place?

We are located in the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biala. We conduct classes all the time according to the schedule which can be found on our website. We also offer travel to clients all over Poland. All you need to do is arrange the details with our staff. We will take care of everything! You won't have to worry about the rest.

It is worth remembering how important it is to discuss potential accidents that have previously occurred in your workplace, this will help to make employees aware of potential hazards and what to do to avoid these incidents in the future. In addition to the mandatory training and the required health and safety regulations, we recommend additional training courses, including first aid and fire safety training.

employee carrying out hazardous work

Preventing accidents and staff sickness will help to reduce the number of redundancies in your company, reduce sick leave and ensure that your employees feel safe in your company and that you do not expose yourself to the additional costs of looking for a replacement. Feel free to zip through our offer on our website! Don't delay! Call us today!