In order to operate NO filling machines, it is required to have a special qualification, which is granted after passing an examination by the Transport Technical Supervision. For this purpose, it is necessary to sign up for TDT course to operate UNOThe NO TDT filling station training is primarily intended for professional drivers who are authorized to transport ADR materials - hazardous substances. The training is also for people who want to improve their competence in this field, for example, people who work in companies that produce, store and transport hazardous substances, as well as fuel bottling plants and other establishments that specialise in this field. Knowing how to operate nozzles and the related health and safety rules is a good investment, as employers are always looking for people to fill these positions.

Failure to properly operate filling equipment and to follow health and safety rules in the vicinity of hazardous substances, especially fuels, significantly increases the risk of accidents. A person, who works with filling and emptying of tanks, for example tankers, is obliged to strictly follow the regulations. He/she must have knowledge of the properties of substances classified as hazardous, information on tank construction, as well as on filling machines and other equipment used in this field. During the course, special emphasis is placed on Class 3 hazardous materials, i.e. flammable liquids such as fuels. Practical exercises focus on filling tanks with fuel nozzles.

If you want to become a certified liquor cabinet maker, you need to enrol in a course and then pass an exam. If you are interested, we invite you to take advantage of our training services in this area - we provide comprehensive and professional training and help you to become certified!