warehouse stacker crane operator.

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The warehouse stacker crane course prepares participants to operate as well as maintain the equipment, which is used in warehouses and halls to transport cargo, among other things.

Training programme

Classes at our training centre are taught by experienced and qualified specialists. The trainee begins the training with a lecture course in which he or she is introduced to safe operation, before moving on to practical activities under the guidance of our specialists.

Key issues discussed during the training include:

  • principles and obligations of the operator
  • design and functions
  • technical supervision
  • health and safety rules
  • warehouses using stacker cranes. 

Examination and entitlement

warehouse stacker crane on the production floor.After completing the training, at our centre, the participant can take an examination before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). The test consists of a theoretical and a practical part.

Theoretical part consists of a test of knowledge of warehouse stacker cranes.

Practical part consists of a skills test, the examinee operates a storage stacker crane as instructed by the UDT examiner.

A successfully passed UDT exam gives us the opportunity to work as operators and maintainers of warehouse stacker cranes. The qualification certificate obtained is valid for 10 years from its acquisition.

Maintenance of warehouse stacker cranes

The warehouse stacker crane maintenance course, like the operator training for this equipment, is also divided into two parts. Participants acquire the necessary general and maintenance knowledge about the machine, followed by repair tasks.

The main topics during conservator training include:

  • maintenance plans
  • repair and maintenance work
  • information on the breakdown and function of the stacker cranes
  • health and safety rules and legislation
  • technical and periodic inspection
  • tools for carrying out maintenance work.

We are one of the few companies providing training as a warehouse stacker crane maintainer.

Division and type of stacker cranes

repairing a storage stacker crane.

Breakdown by type:

  • Suspended - with turntable and KBK trolley
  • single-column (column) - column is the load-bearing structure
  • twin-column (frame) - the load-bearing structure is the frame
  • gantry cranes - come with a column trolley.

Division by control:

  • semi-automatic control
  • automatic control
  • manual control.

Division by type of feeding mechanism:

  • pitchforks
  • conveyor
  • gripper

 Conditions for taking the training

  • over 18 years of age
  • minimum primary education
  • no medical contraindications to work.

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Questions and answers

For how many years is a warehouse stacker crane operator's licence valid?

The storage stacker crane operator qualification certificate issued by the UDT is valid for 10 years.

What does a warehouse stacker crane maintainer do?

The warehouse stacker crane maintainer handles, among other things, periodic inspections and any repair work.

What are the controls on the storage stacker crane?

In the stacker crane, there are three types of control: automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

What educational background do I need to have in order to undertake training as a warehouse stacker crane operator?

To participate in the warehouse stacker crane operator training course, you must have at least a primary school education.

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