The job market is still looking for qualified aerial work platforms operators, due to the ever increasing use of aerial work platforms, which have many advantages associated with their use. These are cranes used in the industrial sector, in construction, assembly, finishing, decorating and also in work at heights. The trainings are dedicated to workers already employed as operators, installers, construction company employees and all those who would like to gain experience and start working in this field. You can successfully obtain the necessary certificate after the training in our company.


What requirements do I need to meet to enrol on a course?

It is absurdly simple! If you want to sign up for a course, all you have to do is

  • At least 18 years old
  • Primary education and above
  • No health contraindications to exercise the profession

As you can see, meeting the requirements is not difficult at all, in fact most people can enrol on the course straight away if they want to, they just need to see an occupational doctor along the way.


What is the objective?

Professional qualifications above all! Obtaining them is a priority for those who want to operate mobile platforms. Without them, there is nothing to do, and the lack of certification can result in substantial fines. Do you want to know what the programme includes and what its target effects are?

  • The ability to operate, because it is the most important thing to do,
  • Knowledge of crane construction, every professional knows his equipment inside out,
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations, safety at work as the number one rule,
  • Knowledge of technical supervision regulations, theory in this case is as important as practice,
  • Operator duties on the job - before, during and after the job, this ensures efficiency in carrying out tasks,

We care about the quality of training and efficiency, we want the participants after Our qualified instructors with many years of experience will take care of everyone and will pass on knowledge in the best substantive way. Additionally, we provide training materials which will be made available on a special platform! You do not have to worry that any useful knowledge about mobile platforms will get lost and you will not have time to prepare.


Wondering what the types and categories of entitlements are? We hasten to answer!

Anyone who works with mobile platforms can have as many as two types of authorisation, these are:

  • to operate - required for operator and driver positions,
  • for maintenance - required for maintenance positions,

The old categories were divided in this way - the first being the IP category: 

  • mobile freewheeling lifts, so-called "scissor lifts",
  • mobile platforms, so-called "spiders", which can be hooked up to a vehicle,
  • self-propelled mobile lifting platforms, vehicle-mounted - aerial work platforms.

another one of them cat. II P:

  • Hanging mobile platforms,
  • masted mobile platforms,
  • stationary mobile platforms,

The new regulation introduced term allowances instead of perpetual allowances and changed the categories of allowances. Five categories have been introduced in place of the existing IP and IIP categories:

  • Stationary mobile platforms - valid for 10 years
  • Hanging aerial platforms (authorisation to operate suspended and stationary aerial platforms) - valid for 10 years
  • Mast climbers (authorisation to operate mast climbers and stationary platforms) - valid for 10 years
  • Mobile lifting platforms - valid for 5 years
  • Platforms on railway vehicles - valid for 10 years


So what happens to unlimited UDT licences?

Pursuant to the Act of 9 November 2018 amending the Act on Technical Supervision, qualification certificates issued by the UDT before 1 June 2019 remain valid until 31 December 2023. If you hold such qualifications, you must apply to the UDT to extend the validity of your qualification no later than 3 months before the expiry date, i.e. until 30 September 2023. Failure to apply within this period will result in the need to retake the exam!


What next? UDT exam

Our classes are designed and conducted in such a way that the exam is not stressful for any participant. The program is also prepared for the exam, thanks to which the pass rate of our students is really high! The exam, as well as the course, consists of theoretical and practical parts and is held before an examination board from the Office of Technical Inspection. A positive result guarantees you a licence to operate aerial platforms in the IP category for a period of 10 years with the possibility of its further extension.

Concrete steps to certification!

  • If you are already interested and have made a final decision, send your application or completed UDT applications and powers of attorney in accordance with the UDT template to the Centre's address.
  • Once your documents have been verified by the UDT, expect an exam date to be set within a month.
  • The exam consists of a theoretical part - a test. You will be asked 15 questions, which must be answered within 30 minutes. You will receive a positive result from 11 correct answers. You will learn the result of the exam immediately afterwards. If you have successfully completed the theoretical part of the test, the practical part follows. This will test your operating skills.

It is worth remembering that if you are taking an exam, you must bring the most essential items with you! Don't forget your identity card, work clothes and appropriate personal protective equipment!


What is the use of mobile platforms?

As mentioned above, they are being used more and more. Structurally, they fall into three groups:

  • Mobile mast platforms,
  • Hanging mobile platforms,
  • Mobile lifting platforms

Mobile platforms are devices intended to move persons to work stations where they perform work on a working platform. They consist of at least a work platform with controls, a work platform support structure with a drive system and a chassis. Mobile platforms are the most numerous group of platforms. And they are used to perform:

  • assembly and inspection of mast structures,
  • towers,
  • chimneys,
  • bridges,
  • cranes,
  • assembly of roof structures,
  • gutters,
  • glass coverings,
  • maintenance work on building façades,
  • repair and maintenance of street lighting,
  • repairs to power and telephone lines,
  • tree pruning,
  • installation of advertisements.


Escalators have lots of advantages, want to know which ones?

The popularity of and demand for mobile platforms has not come from nowhere, as great features in their use are:

  • the possibility of direct access to a specific site,
  • Significant lifting height,
  • easy to manoeuvre movements of the working platform.


Has this convinced you? We invite you to make use of our services!

Call us to find out more about and arrange a training date. Prices are based on the number of participants or individual training on behalf of the entrepreneur! We will adapt to your needs! We have centres all over Poland, but if necessary we will even come to you!