Responsibilities of the crane operator - dealing with hazardous situations

Operation of the crane requires prior preparation - it is necessary crane course teaching how to work with the device, as well as passing the exam granting authorizations for overhead cranes. These are UDT authorisations - The Technical Inspection Authority. The machine operator then learns the relevant work rules, including how to deal with dangerous situations.

We can divide hazardous situations in crane operation into three categories:

  • emergencies
  • fire
  • occurrence of an accident

In case of emergency situations related to the crane - if you notice defects or other hazards at the workplace, you must stop work immediately and report them to your supervisor. Do not resume work until the faults and hazards have been eliminated and the equipment has been inspected again.

When a fire occurs in the area where the crane is operating, the operator must immediately warn those in the danger area. The next step is to switch off the power supply and shut off the gas supply to the building and the crane. Then alert the fire brigade or try to extinguish the fire yourself with a fire extinguisher if it is not large. Notify your supervisors of the fire and decide whether to evacuate people.

In the event of an accident, the scene must be secured as quickly as possible and first aid given to those injured. If necessary, you should call for medical help. Your supervisors must also be informed of the incident.

When the crane operator has doubts about the safety conditions of the work, he has the right to stop work and ask his supervisor to clarify the situation. When the crane operator and the crane are in immediate danger, then the employee has the right to refrain from work.

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