We would like to invite you to our ERGON centre for a course on HDS - it is a course designed for those who want to obtain authorization needed to operate hydraulic truck cranes. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, so we make every effort to ensure that the educational offer presented by us could meet all your expectations - both in terms of quality and affordable prices.

Hydraulic truck cranes are mobile cranes that are mounted on truck trailers and are commonly used in unloading and loading work. They are used in transporting building materials, raw materials of various types, other machinery. Being certified to operate this type of equipment makes it easier to find employment and is a future-proof investment in your own career.

Our classes are taught by qualified instructors. Participants also receive the necessary teaching materials.

The programme of activities includes the following topics:

  • types of hydraulic vehicle lifts and their design
  • main recommendations on the operation of the equipment
  • the steps to be taken by the operator before, during and after work
  • knowledge of technical supervision
  • Health and safety when operating equipment

Additionally, we also put emphasis on practical training. After completing the classes, participants take an exam, the passing of which confers a HDS licence - it allows to apply for a job as an operator of this type of equipment.

To register for classes you must have:

  • at least 18 years old
  • at least a basic education
  • no contraindication to work in the post, certified by a duly authorised doctor

We also provide affordable training prices at our centre. If you are interested in signing up for a HDS course, the price is listed on our website. For larger groups we are able to provide additional discounts.

You are cordially invited to the training HDS - Warsaw and the whole of Poland!