two people in helmets standing by a sewer and one is explaining somethingCentre for Staff Training ERGON provides you with expertly delivered and excellent training on evacuating people from confined spaces.

They are places characterised by limited opportunities for exit and entry and inadequate ventilation. They are not places designed for people to stay in all the time. Confined spaces include: tunnels and process equipment, septic tanks, storm and sewage drains, manholes, boilers, pipe wells and others. Working in these places is not the safest. For this reason, those responsible for evacuating workers from such spaces when necessary are so important.

Course on evacuation from confined spaces

We address our training offer to people who will be expertly and competently securing work in confined spaces. This includes the installation of extraction systems, the search for injured persons and the evacuation of those who need it. During the course, the participant is introduced to the following topics:

  • basic health and safety issues relating to confined spaces
  • legislation needed
  • appropriate selection of gas detectors
  • lateral and vertical access techniques to confined spaces
  • rescue and search procedures
  • emergencies - how to deal with them
  • rescue stretcher - how to use it when evacuating
  • operation and installation of rescue systems for winching, e.g. winches
  • the concept of the tripod
  • practice

The second part of the training consists of practical exercises. During these we teach in practice how to cope when visibility in confined spaces is zero and how to use breathing apparatus - air. During the exercises, we fit the equipment and discuss safety rules. Also, under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors, you will be helping your colleagues in an emergency situation in confined spaces.

Our course consists of a practical and theoretical part and prepares you perfectly for the examination and emergency procedures in confined spaces.

two persons carrying a third person on a stretcher in a tunnel

ERGON training - for whom and what is required 

The work of evacuating people in confined spaces is not easy. It requires good physical and mental fitness. Not everyone can undertake such work. At our training centre, we conduct courses diligently in order to minimise the risk of accidents and any damage to health.

ERGON - course on evacuation from confined spaces
For whom the training is for:The course is for those who will be responsible for the competent and overall protection of work in confined spaces, in rescue operations, the installation of systems and the search for persons.
Requirements:Document confirming the absence of any medical obstructions in an enclosed space and at heights above 3 metres.
Certificates:At the end of the training (both the theoretical and practical parts), our clients receive a badge together with a certificate, which is valid for 3 years.

Enclosed spaces 

Working in confined spaces is very dangerous. There is a high probability of fire or explosion. Workers are at risk of fainting due to low oxygen levels or asphyxiation by being buried in material that is loose. People in the confined space may lose consciousness because of the accumulation of gases, which include hydrogen sulphide, methane, or carbon dioxide. In such a case (loss of consciousness), it is necessary to evacuate with a safety rope and not to enter the confined space. Drowning is also a frequent event (when the water level rises significantly).

It also happens that a worker in need of assistance is in a tank without equipment that protects the respiratory system. In such cases, evacuation must be as quick as possible, using respiratory protective equipment.

So those evacuating people from confined spaces must be highly trained, have "eyes around the head" so as not to put themselves or others at risk of harm or death. It is very important that such persons are able to cooperate with others and have what is known as a strong psyche.

ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement

ERGON already has more than 15 years of experience in the market and top experts who are professionals in their fields. Our courses are conducted at a high level and we guarantee that we deliver the necessary and needed knowledge in your chosen field. Our training rooms and facilities are also state-of-the-art and functional.

We work with a multitude of awarding bodies and prepare the programme with them. Thanks to this and our excellent staff, our training will prepare you comprehensively for the exam. You don't have to worry, you will pass it without any problems.

What else do we offer?

The ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre offers good, market-competitive prices. We have an offer for you of open courses which we run in many cities in Poland (e.g. Krakow, Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw, Bielsko-Biala) and closed courses. For these courses, we will agree where you are and come. For larger groups we have very favourable discounts and we approach each one individually

a helmeted person emerging from a manhole

What other training at ERGON? 

Our courses are not just those in evacuating people from confined spaces. Visit our website and you will see that we have many more. We offer, among other things, high-altitude training, courses in fibre-optic welding, occupational health and safety, or training for work that requires authorisations from the Office of Technical Inspection (e.g. as overhead travelling crane or mobile crane operators).

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