machine at work in the field

The telehandler is a piece of handling equipment. Thanks to its functionality, it will serve us not only in construction work, but also in agricultural work. More and more often, we can find the device on modern farms. The machine has a wide range of services and has interchangeable attachments, thanks to which we can easily transform the telehandler into a lift or grab. Investing in the machine will save us time and money.

Work at height

The forklift trucks are characterised by their long arm reach, which makes it easier for us to work at height. Running a farm involves repairing buildings such as the barn or agricultural storage sheds. The scope of work at height includes, for example, cleaning gutters and replacing the roof. With the platform in place, we can easily get to a height that suits us and is much safer than using a conventional ladder.

Transport of building and agricultural materials

The telescopic loader is characterised by its high lifting capacity. With its help we can save our physical strength to transport heavy tractor parts, but also concrete slabs for a new barn. We can also transport animal feed quickly and efficiently and place it in storage.

telehandler clears snow from properties

Hay load

With a telehandler, we can load and unload bales of hay and straw. By hand, the work would be very demanding and hard, in this case we cannot do without the help of the appropriate attachments. By fitting a grab or fork, you can easily move hay bales from the field to the barn. The machine also copes very well on uneven and ditched terrain.


With the shovel attached to our telehandler, the machine can be used to clear snow from the property in winter, and in summer and spring it can be used to shovel rubble or sand. Thanks to this solution, we will not have to struggle with a shovel, and the work will go much faster and more efficiently.

Main advantages of the device in agriculture:

  • high load capacity - heavy loads can be transported without difficulty
  • lifting - the loader arm can be lifted to great heights
  • uneven terrain - you can work with it on ditched land

A better solution for our farm will be to invest in a telehandler instead of buying a new tractor. We will save a considerable amount of money and utilise the space without taking up the whole yard with more machines. The functionality of a handling machine is almost, unlimited, able to replace several other pieces of equipment. With the right accessories, the loader can be transformed into a tractor, a lift truck or a forklift.

Questions and answers

Can we get to the roof of a building using a telehandler?

Yes, once the platform is installed, we can easily get to the required object.

Can a telehandler be turned into another machine?

Yes, the telehandler has interchangeable attachments, so we can transform it into a platform or even an excavator.