scissor liftWhat are they and how do we learn to use them? Mobile platformsAs a reminder and explanation for those who are new to the industry, these are devices belonging to the crane category, designed for transporting loads of various types - goods, materials or people. Their greatest need is in construction and assembly works, both indoors and outdoors. We distinguish them into self-propelled (equipped with wheels) and stationary ones.

With this brief reminder, we come to the main subject of the text - training. To operate a mobile platform, you need UDT authorisations (Office of Technical Inspection), which is also responsible for running the examination board.

Using its classification, we can distinguish two types of mobile platforms:

  •  "II P" - hanging, stationary and mast,
  • "I P" - scissors free-wheeling, basket self-propelled (uprights), vehicle-mounted mobile platforms.

After completing the course and passing the exam, you will receive the necessary qualifications to be able to legally start working as an operator in Poland and abroad. Where to start learning? Where can you find professional, comprehensive training, highly qualified staff with extensive professional experience? ERGON courses have been held for over 15 years, all over Poland, including the Ursus district in Warsaw. We invite all interested parties to our website, where you will find more information and get acquainted with the full offer of our services (training - G1G2, G3). We invite you to continue reading, in which we will tell you what the training for mobile platforms is and how it looks like.

Each training course for mobile platform operators provides knowledge about: the type and structure of the equipment for which we are trying to obtain a certificate, the duties of the operator at the position - before, during and after the work, information about technical supervision of the equipment, principles of occupational health and safety, and most importantly, practical exercises. At the end of the training period, the participants take the UDT exam, after passing which they receive the necessary certificates. The authorisations are granted indefinitely and are valid throughout Poland and in other countries. It is also possible to issue documents in other languages. Our requirements are at least 18 years of age, at least primary education and no contraindications to work on the position. The price is affordable and attractive compared to other training providers, you can find it on our website in the price list, in addition, for larger groups we give favourable discounts. Registration is conducted in four different branches - we conduct training on scissor lifts and basket lifts in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. It is also not a problem for us to come to a client and conduct training on their premises. We are open to your needs and willing to listen to your opinion, so please do not be afraid to call us with any questions about the course. You are most welcome J

In order to give you an idea of the training process and what it entails, we have prepared a brief overview of training for mobile platforms of the "spider" type. This type of equipment is most often used in companies involved in renovation, conservation, storage or green areas maintenance. Also, due to their unusual leg spacing, they are perfect for work on delicate surfaces, e.g. in swimming pools or sports halls. The UDT licence for this type of platform is obtained by persons who have passed the theoretical and practical exam in the scope of operation of the given device. ERGON conducts training in accordance with UDT requirements, so we can provide you with the best preparation for the exam.

machine operatorWhat does the training look like? They are conducted in the form of lectures - stationary or online, depending on the client's choice. During the course participants learn about the construction of equipment, principles of safe use of platforms, getting to know operating instructions, performing tests on the equipment, regulations concerning technical supervision. Along with the acquired theoretical knowledge, course participants will be able to try out their skills in practice, using the centre's technical facilities. They will prepare the equipment for work, while complying with health and safety requirements in order to use it safely and correctly. The online lectures we mentioned earlier are classroom activities in the form of webinars - real-time audio-video transmissions. The trainers conduct them depending on the level of the group, if the group is new to the market and unfamiliar with technical terminology and equipment, it will be trained from scratch. How do we divide the groups? According to the results obtained in the preliminary competency test, however, you should not be discouraged by a poor result, because all classes, as well as the course in general, is focused on preparing participants to pass the exam, and therefore also provides them with knowledge strictly for the UDT exam. This is not all, because in ERGON we also provide additional training materials - with the aim of satisfying our clients and in the interest of positive exam results - everyone has the opportunity to deepen and test their knowledge through sample tests placed on the platform. For more information about the organisation please see the FAQ on our website.

A few words about the UDT exam itself - as a training company ERGON also represents its trainees in contacts with the Office of Technical Inspection, and mediates in the organization of the exam. What does the exam look like? The theoretical part is a closed test, i.e. with questions to which a few sample answers have been prepared - the participant's task is to choose the correct one. The practical part is a conversation with an examiner at the device, checking the candidate's knowledge. A certificate of competence to work with aerial platforms is awarded to a person who obtains a positive result from both exams.

Mobile platform of the "spider" typeMobile platforms of the "spider" type are commonly used in various branches of industry, hence the high demand for competent workers with UDT authorisations. These devices are characterised by their compactness, which means that they are perfect for working in places where it is difficult to get through narrow corridors. However, they do not have their own mechanism to move due to their distinctive chassis - the legs that have earned them the nickname 'spiders'. They are light in weight, which is why, as we mentioned earlier, they are perfect for working on delicate surfaces both inside and outside the building. The height to which the arm is able to lift the operator does not differ significantly from other lifts with similar parameters.

With this example we would like to present to you the professionalism and completeness of our services in ERGON. Should you have any further questions concerning our courses or other offers, please visit our official website.