Reachstacker trolleyThere are various pieces of equipment that are used in factories or warehouses. Each of them has different functions and serves something different. In this text, we will focus on the devices that make the process of controlling and manipulating containers possible. These will be:

Their construction, operation, functions and places of use will be presented. It is worth knowing more about these machines if you are in some way connected with the industrial sector or plan to work with such machines in the future.

Reachstaker - characteristics

This device, named in English, is nothing more than a reach truck in Polish. It is used to handle containers in places such as:

  • Medium-sized ports,
  • Small terminals,

These machines have the ability to transport containers over short distances extremely quickly and then sort them into rows. The very high popularity of reachstackers is due to their very high flexibility, as well as their capacity to load than classic forklifts. Empty stackers can also be found on the market. With a reachstacker, containers can be stacked in a dense manner. Reachstackers are distinguished by their high performance. They have a lifting capacity of up to 45,000 kilograms and lift loads up to a height of 16 metres. High fuel efficiency is another advantage of reachstackers. However, the feature that most distinguishes these machines from their competitors is the speed of operation and the simultaneous lifting and moving of the carriage while driving. It took years of research and experimentation to develop the entire mechanism and the various operating techniques of reachstackers. These machines are manufactured to all quality and safety standards. The process of constructing such machines is very advanced and complex, and journalists and people from the wider industry are invited to production demonstrations of some of them. Performance testing of such machines also takes place under conditions of the utmost meticulousness and care. Basic equipment for reachstackers includes:

  • Cummins engine,
  • Drive transmission, automatic, consisting of four gears,
  • Boom,
  • Spreader,
  • Disc brakes,
  • Drive axis,
  • Steering axis,
  • Lever used to determine the direction of travel,
  • Tyres,
  • Safety rings,
  • Cabin,
  • Battery switches,
  • Alternator,
  • Ears used to lift the trolley,
  • Fuel filler cap,
  • Alarm - audible and visual,

Reachstacker trolley

Kalmar - characteristics

Calamari trolleys are characterised by their high load capacity, some even carrying up to 12 tonnes of load. These trucks are very durable, efficient and not difficult to operate. The cabs of these vehicles are characterised by:

  • Excellent user comfort,
  • Highly ergonomic equipment,
  • High-level overview of the entire control panel,

These units are very popular in really many countries. The cabs on the Kalmar Loader model are divided into:

  • Open flex guard cabin,
  • Spirit delta space,
  • Flex cab,

The Kalmar is used primarily for unloading and transferring goods at the various:

  • Productions,
  • Structures,
  • Port environments

Improving work

The above machines were created to significantly increase the level of productivity in any company. High productivity, speed and reliability are the main features of these machines. In addition, the running costs of these machines are not high and maintenance is not a major problem either. However, in order to work with these machines, carry out repairs and maintenance work, it will be necessary to have the appropriate authorisations, granted by the Office of Technical Inspection. There are many training courses in this field on the market, so it is worth considering choosing the right offer.