Specifics of mobile platforms

The role of mobile platforms is very similar to that of the scaffolding commonly used for work at height. Thanks to platforms, we can reach places in locations where the erection of classic scaffolding is impossible or difficult. Platforms consist of a body, a lifting crane and a working platform. The crane, mounted on the body, lifts the working platform to the desired height, which enables us to reach places that are difficult to access. This also saves time and resources.  

mobile platform during inspection

Who can service mobile platforms? 

Escalators are equipment subject to technical supervision. In order to operate mobile lifts, it is necessary to have the relevant authorisations, to keep technical records of these devices and to regularly inspect and repair them.  

The inspection and repair of mobile platforms can only be carried out by maintainers who are certified by the Office of Technical Inspection. To obtain such a document, it is best to take part in dedicated courses to prepare for the exam. The topics covered on these are based on the UDT examination requirements. Both the experience and the appropriate approach of the instructors to the trainees make it possible to learn even for those without experience.  

Service and periodic inspections of mobile platforms  

As we already know, mobile platforms are subject to technical supervision. Like other equipment that is used for working at heights, they must be regularly inspected and maintained. This will allow us to keep the equipment in a good technical condition and minimise the risk of potential failure. This will also increase the efficiency and productivity of the equipment. It is important to regularly check the condition of mobile platforms rather than waiting for them to fail.  

When should we service mobile platforms? 

service of mobile platforms

Regular inspection and repair of equipment is aimed at ensuring the safety of both the mobile platform operator and those in the vicinity. It is very important that equipment that is used for working at height is fully operational. It is crucial to comply with the inspection intervals for the platforms, which are set by law. There are many companies on the market offering repair and maintenance services for mobile platforms. It is possible to carry out maintenance services at a location that suits the client.  

The occurrence of a defect or malfunction in a piece of equipment that prevents its further operation necessitates a repair order and an ad hoc post-accident test. This is carried out at the request of the operator. During the test, an inspector from the Technical Inspection Office thoroughly checks the condition of the equipment. The purpose of the inspection is to determine the technical condition of the equipment and the causes of its failure. The scope of the inspection is agreed on an individual basis.  

What are the most common failures of mobile platforms? 

Servicing and repairing mobile platforms is essential if there is a breakdown or fault that prevents the equipment from continuing to operate safely.  

The most common accidents that occur when operating mobile platforms are: 

  • electric shock, 
  • overloading them, 
  • falls from height,  
  • collisions with structures or structural elements.  
maintenance of mobile platforms

The above-mentioned accidents are usually the result of several causes of improper use of the equipment. These include, among other things, the use of platforms without complying with health and safety rules, in particular those relating to the lack of adequate personal protective equipment and the inadequate raising of the working height of platforms.  

Factors that increase the risk of an accident can also include adverse weather conditions such as excessive rainfall, gusty winds or reduced air clarity.  

Service for mobile platforms 

Service activities aimed at maintaining or restoring the equipment to a condition that allows it to continue to be used include various maintenance and repair activities.  

The service of mobile platforms can include:  

  • repairs to load-bearing structures,  
  • repairs to electrical and hydraulic systems,  
  • engine reconditioning and overhaul,  
  • repairs to lifting systems.  

It is important to remember that the repair of equipment should be carried out by professionals. This gives us confidence that the work carried out by such people will ensure the continued safe use of the platforms.